Open Incoming Text Messages Automatically Through SMS Popup

Sms popup

At certain times, the process of reading text message manually after seeing the notification may not be possible. If you don’t agree, think of a meeting where you are getting constant messages and once you open them up, you see those were never that important. Will it create a good impression of you in front of the other attendees of the meeting? Certainly not!

Sms popup

The aforementioned scenario is just an example and there can be other utilities of reading the text message without even opening the phone via SMS pop ups. If you are wondering, how this can happen, please read on!

SMS Popup

This app is free and will single handedly change how you are going to view all the incoming messages. The app is small, so you don’t need to worry about space issues.

Using the App

As soon as an incoming message hits your phone, you will receive a notification beep or an LED flash (You can configure it through the settings menu). Not only that, but, the incoming message will open up automatically. You don’t even need to unlock your phone. In case, there are several incoming messages, you can swipe from one to another. If you use the auto rotate option, you can view all the incoming messages right on the same screen without any kind of swiping.

You can also configure the app in such a way that you can send replies to those incoming messages within the app’s main window. However, enable this at your own risk as you don’t need to unlock the phone before sending reply and hence, anyone else can respond, if he gets hold of your phone.

Sms popup

Preset Messages

You can set and use preset messages with SMS Popup while sending a reply.

Text to Speech

There can be situations where you cannot read a text message immediately, but it is required to be done urgently (A similar situation can arise while you are driving). SMS Popup can help in these scenarios. You just need to use its text to speech function and it will automatically read out the incoming text message for you.

Additional Customization

In case you are sensitive about your private information, you can hide the message content or the sender name through SMS Popup. If you wish, you can add individual settings depending on the person who sends the message. This is extremely useful as right by hearing the notification, you will know whether the message is important or not.

Additionally, a message is marked as read when you close the window of this app. This is a default behavior and you can make changes to the settings of this app and thereby alter this behavior.

SMS Popup is not an essential Android app, but, it definitely is useful. I loved using it, what do you think of the same? Please share your experience through the comments section.