November's teenage dreams bookcase club

November’s Teenage Dreams BookCase Club Box

It’s almost Thanksgiving, so it’s time to eat, nap, and read. November’s Teenage Dreams BookCase Club box is a fun pack of interesting books that are one of a kind. There doesn’t seem to be a theme this month, which is an exciting refresher from the usual themes (although I do love opening the box each month and revealing what theme each month’s crate is). This month’s box gives us some different options for reading during our Thanksgiving breaks. For those who do not know…BookCase Club is a monthly subscription service that sends hand-picked hardcover books to your door each month. You can choose from a variety of themes. Each month I review the “Teenage Dreams” case. Bookcase Club is seriously awesome.

BookCase Club Now Has a Kids Program!

Some exciting news from the folks at Book Case Club: a new option is upon us! Now you can also order a BookCase Kids subscription box! BookCase Club already had a picture book option, but this kids case is divided up by age group and gender so all kiddos can find something to enjoy. It was created due to popular demand. So pick up the first ever BookCase Kids box today! And don’t forget to use our coupon code: GEEK2016, which saves 15% off your subscription.

Now Let’s Dive into this Month’s Teenage Dream Case

November's teenage dreams bookcase club

This month, the books chosen were Reality Boy and Maybe One Day. If I were to put my finger on a theme for this month, I would say it is reflection of life and overcoming obstacles and seeing the beauty in life when it seems like everything is bleak.

The quote on this month’s card is this:

“I don’t think of all the misery but of the beauty that still remains.” -Anne Frank, Diary of a Young Girl

In both the stories chosen this month, we see young adults coming of age and realizing aspects of life and the world around them.

‘Reality Boy’ by A.S. King

November's teenage dreams bookcase club, reality boy by a. S. King

Reality Boy has a unique plot that encapsulates aspects of life that weren’t around twenty years ago. In this story, Gerald Faust is a subject of reality TV starting at just five years old. As he grows up, anger and angst consumes him. The show he’s reflected on depicts him as a boy about to snap, and that may soon be his reality as his upbringing left him isolated, friendless, and a spectacle for the world to see.

I’m excited to read this story and see how Gerald overcomes his demons and breaks down the walls of reality vs. reality tv.

‘Maybe One Day’ by Melissa Kantor

Teenage dreams bookcase club, maybe one day by melissa kantor

Maybe One Day is about two best friends, Zoe and Olivia, and their journey together as Olivia battles with illness and Zoe puts on a brave face. Their lives start to change drastically as Olivia misses months of school and Zoe copes and lives a life with less of Olivia than she’s used to. Zoe can’t handle the thought of living in a world without Olivia, and the only way she can get through this trial in her life is to hold fast to the belief that Olivia will beat this and everything will go back to normal.

This story sounds heart-wrenching and full of thought and beauty. Life throws us some curve balls and sometimes and often they can seem too tough to bear. Reading stories like these always helps me feel and look at life in new ways, and they’re even cathartic in times of tribulation and suffering in life.

This month’s Teenage Dreams case is filled with tough topics and real emotions. I look forward to reading these stories and discovering what they have to offer.

Thanks again to those at BookCase Club for the opportunity to read these books. I like that I received one hard cover (Maybe One Day) and one paperback (Reality Boy) and that this month’s theme was a bit ambiguous. The books spoke for themselves and I could see how they tied into this month’s quote. These stories will give anyone’s Thanksgiving break a thoughtful level of reflection, emotion, and depth. I look forward to reading them, and I look forward to what next month’s case holds as the holiday season sneaks up on us.

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