NFT Distributing Meals to Feeding America

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NFTs are mostly associated with high value collectibles that are often purchased by the rich and the famous. From one of a kind tweets to unique artworks, this could refer to a variety of digital creations. But a new food bank NFT project is actively working to change that perception. 

Started by Jack Butcher, founder of online design workshop Visualize Value, this program of charity through NFT focuses on providing fresh food to those who need it the most. The program works by selling 1 NFT for a $10 donation, with the proceeds directly going to Feeding America, a U.S. hunger relief organization. 

Each NFT distributes 100 meals through Feeding America. In order to participate in the project, donors can buy an NFT for the ETH equivalent of $10. The donations go through The Giving Block, which is a popular cryptocurrency charity platform. 

Since Visualize Value is all about highlighting the power of visuals for conveying  numerical data, brand information, and even playful metrics, Butcher’s NFT is also turning the donations into a visual parameter. 

For each NFT that is sold, Butcher adds another dot to the original graphic. At the time of writing, the project has sold 213 NFTs, which translates to 21,300 meals in less than a day. The project has been garnering gradual but noticeable attention through Twitter, which is its main traffic generator at this time. 

Besides harnessing the power of cryptocurrency to do some good in the world, the food bank NFT also sheds light on how NFTs could become more than collectibles for mere novelty. This also opens doors to more projects for promoting charity through NFT, which could help people in need across the globe. 

The project started on November 7. So far, it has gathered 48 donors with some of them purchasing a few of these NFTs at once. No deadline to the project has been announced as of yet. But if you want to quickly donate through it, you can visit its direct link here. In case you cannot buy the NFT for some reason, there is also the option to spread the word through your tweets. 

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