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New Options Added to Google Messages

Our friendly neighborhood giant, Google, is injecting some superpowers into its Messaging app. It’s not just your average SMS app anymore – it’s getting a serious upgrade!

First up, Google is adding a ‘voice message’ feature. You know those times when typing feels like a chore, or you’re just too busy to type? Well, Google’s got your back. Just press the mic icon, record your message, and voila! You’re sending voice messages like a pro.

Next on the list is a little magic trick Google’s calling ‘Message organization’. Simply put, it’s a smarter way to keep your messages in check. The app will automatically categorize your messages for you. So, your OTPs, personal chats, and promotional messages will each have their own place. No more sifting through a sea of messages to find what you need. Quick and easy, just the way we like it!

But wait, there’s more! Ever wanted to send a birthday wish right on time but found yourself forgetting or asleep? Google’s got a solution. The new ‘Schedule Send’ feature lets you type out your message and set a specific time for it to be sent. Now, you can be the first one to wish your friends a happy birthday, even if you’re off in dreamland.

In short, Google Messages is becoming more than just a messaging app. It’s becoming your own personal assistant. We can’t wait to see what they’ll come up with next!

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