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The year 2022 has already passed, and the attention of developers and gamers has long been turned to the best games for PC in 2023. Remember that all novelties are available for download on the site, you can see more on thepiratebay proxy list. Downloading Torrents: A Warning Geek Insider does not condone using torrents to obtain content illegally. Using the following sites for illegal purposes is done entirely at your own risk. Geek Insider takes no responsibility for any legal problems you encounter.

Dead Space

Engineer Isaac Clarke, as part of the repair team, arrives on the spaceship Ishimura. There he encounters Necromorphs – the reanimated dead with mutilated limbs. Isaac tries to survive and get out of “Ishimura” at any cost.

At first glance, the updated Dead Space looks like a regular remake, but it is more like a rethinking of the famous horror of 2008. The developers not only updated the graphics but partially rewrote the story. Now Isaac voices his thoughts and talks to the characters instead of being silent like in the original game.

EA Motive studio added a random events system to the game, thanks to which Dead Space was to become even more exciting and scary. The system controls what is happening on the screen and creates different situations. For example, it changes the lighting in the corridors, adds new sounds, and returns the necromorphs to the already explored corridors.

Company of Heroes 3

The third installment of real-time strategy. The player controls troops on the battlefield in North Africa and Italy, creates new сложнunits, and builds up a base. Victory depends on your tactical and strategic skills.

This is the new installment of the famous Company of Heroes series. The previous one was released back in 2013. It seems that the fans have been waiting for the sequel for almost 10 years for a reason: the developers said that the game will be the biggest map in the history of the franchise. And they also promised to add a curious innovation – a dynamic campaign map. With its help, the player on the global map manages the front supply lines, builds defenses, and air strikes on enemy forces: so he gets an advantage in battles.

Hogwarts Legacy

Late 19th century Britain. The main character, a boy or girl, depending on your choice, barely survives a mysterious incident. The teen receives magical powers and then an invitation to Hogwarts. Meanwhile, a rebellion is brewing in the wizarding world: the goblin Ranrock, along with the dark wizard Victor Rookwood, are planning to take over the world. It is up to the protagonist and his allies to deal with the enemies.

The game looks like the dream of any “Harry Potter” fan. It is hard to hold back childish enthusiasm when you see gorgeous Hogwarts lounges and realize you will soon take a wand in your hands.

Why the Hogwarts Legacy is an ambitious  RPG

You’ll be able to explore the school and its environs up and down, then go for a walk with a partner or relax in a private cottage. Full-fledged games in the “Harry Potter” universe haven’t been released for a long time, and such ambitious ones haven’t been released at all.

Like a Dragon: Ishin!

In the 1860s, a revolution was brewing in Japan. The emperor is trying to regain power, but the military dictator Shogun and his government are firmly in power. Meanwhile, the samurai Sakamoto Ryoma arrives in Kyoto, searching for the murderer of his adopted father. To catch the criminal, he takes an alias and infiltrates the local Shinsengumi police under the control of the Shogun.

Usually, games in the Like a Dragon series – or Yakuza, to use the old name – are about the criminal world of modern Japan. But not Ishin: it is a remake of a spin-off about real historical events loosely related to crime. The original was released in 2014 exclusively for the Japanese region. But a version with updated graphics, gameplay, and character set is released all over the world.

Ishin does not strive for one hundred percent historical authenticity, so you can’t learn history from it. It is similar to Yakuza but attracts in other ways: with stern characters, the contrast of a serious plot with absurd quests, and a lot of minigames – from karaoke to boiling noodles. The events of the spin-off are not connected to the plot of the main series, so you can play it without knowing it.

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