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Never Leave Your Wallet Behind With New Tech From PROTAG Elite

Good news for anyone who is tired of constantly misplacing bags, wallets, or just about anything else bigger than a credit card. A new, low-energy Bluetooth device, called the PROTAG Elite, may be exactly what you need to help keep yourself on track. It can sync up to iPhones as well as Android devices to help you locate your items left behind. This will be a big boon for myself, and the wallet I’m always leaving at restaurants.

Protag elite


The device works to not only allow you to find lost items, but to prevent you from leaving them behind. The application that comes with the PROTAG Elite app will notify you if you leave behind one of the cards located with your valuables. If that isn’t enough to make you turn around and get the forgotten item, then don’t worry. It keeps a record of where the item was left via GPS, so even if you realize you have lost it too late, you still know exactly where to find it.

The PROTAG Elite card itself is only about the size of a credit card. That makes it easy to slip into baggage, wallet, or pretty much anything with a pocket in or on it. There is no excuse to forget all of your most valuable items if you’ve got a few of these around. The PROTAG Elite app is capable up tracking up to 10 items at once. So, even if you have a habit of leaving things almost everywhere you go, PROTAG Elite will help ensure you get it back. It comes with a USB plug for easy charging, which you should only have to rarely utilize thanks to its low power consumption.

The PROTAG Elite launches on August 7th via Indiegogo and the first 1000 backers can get it for a measly $29 dollars.