Must-Have Christmas Gifts For Geeks

Christmas gifts for geeks

It’s a great time to be a “geek.” From gamers to Whovians, Star Wars fanatics to Potterheads, there will be a perfect gift for all types. If you’re in need of some inspiration on what to give your nerdy friends for Christmas this year, look no further. Check out this list of gifts for a wide variety of geeks.

Tetris Desk Lamp

Tetris lamp, geeky christmas gifts

A perfect gift for a lover of retro arcade games. This Tetris desk lamp is made up of individual pieces that can be stacked in any combination. The LED lights inside each piece activate as they are stacked on the base. You’re sure to get some envious looks, but good luck getting any work done with this on your desk! 

Playable Legend of Zelda Ocarina 

Zelda-ocarina, geeky christmas gifts

Every Zelda Fan wants one of these, even if they’ve never said it aloud. The recipient of this playable ocarina will delight in its handcrafted beauty before immediately trying to sound out Zelda’s Lullaby. See if you can resist giving it whirl before wrapping it up. Go ahead, we won’t tell!

Star Wars Shower Heads

Oxygenics star wars shower heads, geeky christmas gifts

May the force be with you…in your shower! Oxygenics brings you shower heads featuring a couple of the most notorious Star Wars characters. Help a friend join the rebellion by giving them a fixed R2-D2 shower head, and he’ll rain the power of the light side upon them through 3 spray settings. Or do you know someone tempted by the dark side? The handheld Darth Vader shower head may be more to their taste. Darth also has three powerful spray settings making him a worthy rival. These are only available a limited time! Get them before they’re gone forever!

Harry Potter Chess Set

Harry potter chess set, christmas gift ideas

It doesn’t get any “geekier” than this. This Harry Potter Chess Set is the perfect gift for that nerd you know who loves both chess and wizardry. The pieces feature armored wizards ready to duke it out. Fortunately, they won’t destroy each other in the process as they do in the books. 

Dancing Groot Car Charger

Dancing groot car charger, christmas gift ideas

He is Groot! And he is the ultimate car charger capable of letting you charge up to two tablets through him as he entertains with his sound activated dancing. Groot can plug into a USB port or into your vehicle’s cigarette lighter receptacle and offers 2 USB charging ports of his own. 

TARDIS Alarm Clock

Tardis-clock, christmas gifts

This “timey-wimey” gift is great for any Doctor Who fan. They can wake up to a TARDIS alarm clock whose alarms feature the actual TARDIS sounds. It projects the time onto a wall, as well. 

Pokémon Go! Tracker’s Guide

Pokemon-go tracker's guide, christmas gift ideas

Here’s a cheap buy for that one friend that never gets off their smart phone for fear of missing a great catch. The Unofficial Pokémon Go! Trackers Guide brings you on a journey around the world to the unusual spots and rare Pokémon. Let them dare to “be the very best,” but hopefully out of restricted areas.

Iron Man Wireless Gaming Mouse

Iron man mouse, geeky christmas ideas

Give a hardcore PC gamer a must have accessory! This wireless mouse in the shape of Iron Man’s helmet would be a great compliment to a gaming station and comes with a nifty display stand. Tony Stark, himself, would proudly display such a mouse. The eyes have LED lights in them!

Chewbacca Slippers

Star wars chewbacca slippers, geeky christmas presents

Give someone the gift of warmth this Christmas with slippers that will make their feet look like everyone’s favorite Wookiee. They emit two different Wookiee sounds as the wearer walks (so you don’t have to try to make the sound yourself)! Or if the wearer is feeling stealthy, they can turn the sound off.

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