Moto x invite

Motorola Sends Out Invites For Moto X Phone Event

Motorola has finally taken the official step toward releasing the highly anticipated Moto X phone. The company has come out with an event invite for the phone scheduled on 1st August. No, there wasn’t much detail or information regarding the Moto X in the invite but it feels so good to actually see that an official release date has been revealed. The image that was used as the invite has nothing much to speculate about, just a bunch of people sitting around holding the Moto X. You can see the image below.

Moto x invite

Moto X: Exclusive Event

As you can notice in the above image that two of the people are holding a phone that’s definitely the Moto X (Duh!). The phone is in both White and Black colors. Other than that, there just the Moto X logo, 1st August date and location New York. We’ll be covering the event for you and will be bringing you all the news from the event.

Previously, we have seen lots of rumors and leaks regarding the Moto X, some of them even via Motorola itself – but the company only limited itself to teasers only unlike the other leaks that were more like… leaks. The company recently teased us with a tweet talking about the speed of the Moto X camera, at least that’s what we thought of it. It also released a picture from the inside of its Texas plant – confirming the fact that Moto X phone will be assembled in the U.S.

We have seen a couple of other unofficial leaks as well that hint towards a 4.7” 720p display, a Dual-Core Snapdragon 600 processor, 2 GB of RAM, 10 megapixel blur-free camera and Android 4.3 OS, right out of the box. However, that’s all just pure speculation and we’re still not sure if the Moto X phone will sport the rumored specs. Motorola is also working with major U.S. carriers to bring the Moto X phone to a wide variety of carriers. We’ve previously seen a leaked image of the Verizon model of the Moto X phone.

Well, whatever the rumors or leaks suggest, now at least we know for sure that Motorola will be making the device public on August 1st. We’re not sure if it will hit the shelves the same day but we’ll find out soon. No words on pricing yet either or if it will be available globally — We’re guessing not because if it was global Moto wouldn’t be touting the “Made in USA” much.

Who’s anxiously waiting for the Moto X phone? How do you want to customize it? Let us know.