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FINALLY! Your Cat Can Talk to You… Sort Of

By setting a baseline for a cat’s normal behavior, pet owners can be more easily alerted to any subtle changes indicative of health problems and even life-threatening situations — from arthritis to diabetes to UTIs. Up to 80% of illnesses will manifest as changes in their normal behavior.

Moggie tracks your cat’s daily activity to identify potential illnesses, relaying that info directly to your phone in easy-to-understand natural language.

With astonishing accuracy of up to 90% in its movements and its role in fostering the health of cats, the Moggie device is essential for all cat owners. This was the verdict of the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences.

Here are some key bullet points on the features and benefits:

Health Monitor

Utilizing AI-powered technology, you can easily monitor your feline’s behaviors and decode their needs into understandable statements.

Peace of mind for you, daily protection for them.

Our veterinarian-endorsed device monitors any changes in your feline friend’s behavior, allowing for potential health issues to be identified more quickly and for your cat’s well-being to be boosted.

Lightweight and unintrusive

This device securely fastens to your feline friend’s collar, adding no weight or causing strain.

24/7 monitoring

Knowing your cat’s whereabouts is important even when you are away from home.

Direct insights

Receive a comprehensive understanding of your feline’s movements and habits, delivered directly to your mobile device.

Understand your cat better

Tracking your cat’s daily habits can reassure you about its health. Unlock the mystery of your feline companion and stay on top of their wellness.

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