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Marina Groenberg on Successful Business Building in Switzerland and the Skills Needed by Investors


  • How to become a successful investor
  • Marina Groenberg — biography and successful projects
  • Charitable activities

How to become a successful investor

History indicates that the most proficient investors are often those who have run their own businesses or served as senior executives in corporations. A tenure in the business sphere allows one to grasp the intricacies of business operations, cultivate financial management skills, develop strategic thinking, and amass a network of contacts. Nonetheless, not every entrepreneur has the capacity to evolve into a skilled investor.

The art of capital management is a skill that eludes many. Financial theorist William Bernstein posits that for success, one must harbour a genuine zeal for the process, comprehend advanced mathematics, have a solid understanding of probability theory and be proficient in statistics. Equally crucial is gaining knowledge of financial history and learning from the experiences of distinguished investors. Among the personal attributes Bernstein underscores are self-discipline and the resolve to persist with a predetermined path.

Numerous investors steer their financial course based on strategies that have proven successful in the past or stem from their own entrepreneurial journey. It is vital to be acquainted with investment procedures and appreciate the risks linked to certain decisions. In achieving this understanding, it is less the counsel of theorists that proves helpful, but rather one’s own experiences, interaction with accomplished investors, and thorough analysis of their strategies.

Geek insider, geekinsider, geekinsider. Com,, marina groenberg on successful business building in switzerland and the skills needed by investors, business

Marina Groenberg — biography and successful projects

Marina Groenberg is a distinguished businesswoman with three honours degrees in applied mathematics, finance, and law. With years of experience as a top manager in large corporations, she has been residing in Switzerland since 2008, where she runs the Hemma Group. Marina’s interests span investing in ‘green’ and high-tech start-ups and she is actively engaged in cultural and historical projects.

In 2009, she founded Hemma Group in Kilchberg, a municipality in the Swiss canton of Zurich. As the CEO, Marina oversees the strategic development of the group, and under her leadership, the company has expanded its areas of interest to include PE and VC investments in Europe, the USA, and Latin America.

The Hemma Group’s investment portfolio, driven by Marina Groenberg, comprises innovative and eco-friendly businesses. These include NexWafe, a German developer of advanced solar energy technology; Tallano, a French initiative aiming to reduce harmful emissions from car and train brake pads; OCSiAl, a European manufacturer of carbon nanotubes; and Watchers, a developer of SaaS solutions for online shops and video platforms.

One of Marina’s crowning achievements has been leading Kopter Group since 2008. The company, known for its innovative SH09 eight-seat helicopter equipped with panoramic windows and an expanded cabin, caters to the needs of medical and rescue teams thanks to its large cargo compartment. In 2020, the start-up was acquired by Leonardo, Italy’s largest aviation holding, in a deal valued at over USD 185 million.

Alongside her husband, Marina is also involved in a significant cultural charity project in Italy, which revolves around the restoration of a historic villa once owned by Elisa Bacocchi, Napoleon Bonaparte’s sister. The Villa Reale di Marlia is an architectural complex encompassing several buildings nestled within a historic park featuring beautiful camellia species. Restoration work began in 2015, and today the villa, opened to the public, has evolved into a popular tourist spot and a beloved leisure destination for locals.

Charitable activities

Marina Groenberg and her husband, Henriс Groenberg, are dedicated to the monumental task of reviving Villa Reale di Marlia, a majestic Italian villa with a storied past. Once the residence of Elisa Bonaparte Bacocchi, Napoleon’s sister, this 15th-century edifice was originally erected as a fortress and served as the dwelling of the Duke of Tuscia.

In 2015, the Groenbergs stepped in to salvage the deteriorating property and initiated an extensive restoration project. Their mission is guided by the intention to bring back the former grandeur of the main buildings and the park while honouring all historical periods that have left their imprint on the construction since its inception.

The key elements of their restoration plan include:

  1. Restoring the structural integrity of the main buildings
  2. Revitalizing the park to its previous splendour
  3. Paying particular attention to the restoration of the interiors that once hosted Elisa Bonaparte
  4. Ensuring the restoration aligns with the different historical eras the villa has lived through

While Marina Groenberg provides overall guidance, the detailed project management is under the astute direction of her husband, Henriс. The Villa Reale di Marlia, serving as a testament to history and architecture, opens its doors to visitors from March to December, inviting them to witness a remarkable example of dedicated conservation and restoration.

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