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Making Time To Write Your Novel

When the inspiration hits, it hits like a bolt of lighting. Bam! Characters, locations, plot devices, and love interests all come at you faster than a melting snow cone in Mount Doom. It’s a hard life, being a creative, but we deal. What’s really difficult is finding the time to actually sit and bang out the word count for that week. The average person has 30-40 a week either at work or school, and time in between involves taking care of human needs. Eating, sleeping, cleaning, etc. When there is finally down time, often people need to shut the mind down a bit and relax. Sure, working on your novel may involve a comfortable chair and your beverage of choice, but it is far from easygoing. With mind and heart racing, pounding out prose is a real process.

Take Notes

Keeping a journal isn’t just for pre-teen girls’ with romantic secrets. It can be a full sized journal, a miniature notepad, or even a note on your smart phone. Simply have something at your disposal for you to jot down key story points that come to you at a moments notice. You may not have time throughout the day to write a whole biography or opening paragraph to chapter 5, but keeping track of your little mind bombs will secure those ideas for when you have more time. Don’t let your schedule become an excuse to yourself. Little steps like this will help you on your way. ¬†You never know when inspiration will strike, and sometimes the best ideas come when you least expect them.

Talkin’ It Out

Sometimes your ideas sit around together in that boiling pot in your mind for a little too long. They sit and sit and you don’t hear from them for days until you vaguely remember their existence and the frustration begins. Whether it be to your roommate or on an online forum, sharing tidbits of your work can really benefit your productivity. Talking out your next move or current writer’s block is a great way to give those creative juices a little push in the right direction. You don’t have to give away any plot twists or enough information to make you feel uncomfortable. If you don’t trust someone with your creative work, then find someone you can trust. Even brainstorming with a writing pen pal can be significant to your work. An idea from a friend may be just the spark you need.

Make Time For Your Baby

Have you made that deep connection with your protagonist yet? Or any of your characters? What makes you want to write this novel? If you really want this and are truly inspired, then you must make time for your baby. If you have to stay up a little later, wake up a little earlier, or even give up some of that TV time, you’ve got to do it. Find out at what time of day you are most creative. My high school English teacher at one point worked on his novels as well as articles for our local newspaper, and did it all at 4 a.m. You’re a creative, and creatives work in unique ways.

Every writer dreams of finishing their novel with a satisfactory result, finding a publisher, and discovering their book in the hands of the consumer. The first step in seeing that dream come to fruition is getting words onto paper/Microsoft document. Keep chugging along and you should find yourself with a finished product, whether it’s a month, a year, or five years from now. Don’t rush, but be sure to continue working until you’ve reached your goal.¬†Making time to write your novel is important. Make time for your baby.