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Geeky Jewelry: Show Off Your Fandom in a Fashionable Way

by Vanessa Colantro
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We girls love our accessories! Adding jewelry to our outfits that shows off our favorite books, TV Shows, or movies makes us especially happy. I have searched out some accessories that will allow you to show your faves in a fashionable way.

Alice in Wonderland  Necklace from Out of Print ($30)

If you love Alice in Wonderland, then you will love this beautiful necklace from Out of Print. This necklace will add a dainty touch to any casual outfit. It will also show your love for your favorite childhood book or movie in a vintage way. Out of Print has lots of other fabulous book-inspired clothing and accessories too, so make sure to check them out.


Legend of Zelda  Necklace on Etsy ($40)

This necklace is just gorgeous with beautiful colors that pop. It will certainly draw a lot of compliments. You will need to wear a top or dress that will accentuate the necklace. The best thing about it is that you get to show just how geeky you are for Zelda!


Mockingjay  Pendant on Etsy ($30.50)

Inspired by the pendant that Katniss carries in the movie The Hunger Games, you can also carry one with you by wearing this beautiful necklace.


Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone  Bracelet on Etsy ($18)

Do you love Harry Potter (who doesn’t)? Then you will love carrying this Harry Potter-inspired bracelet with a small red stone. This is also a very sneaky way of showing your geeky side to the world!


DNA Earrings on ThinkGeek ($29.99)

If you’re into all things science, then these DNA earrings will do the trick. They are adorably geeky!


Lord of the Rings  Ring on ThinkGeek ($99)

Lord of the Rings fan? You will love this gold ring that has the wording that was originally in the movie scripted on it. You can wear it at all time and it will look very geek chic. Not only that, but you can wear it as a necklace too, so you will have two different geeky jewelry pieces in one! Score!


Harry Potter  Time Turner Necklace on Etsy ($15)


This piece is gorgeous! It’s very similar to the one Hermione wore in the movies. It’s a geek essential.


Measuring Tape Bracelet from Monserat De Lucca ($70)

Ok, so this one isn’t inspired by a book, TV show, or movie, but it was so adorable I just had to add it in. This is such a cute bracelet that you could wear with any kind of outfit and can be pulled off by anyone. It will allow you to be geeky and on trend.


Divergent  Inspired Bracelets on Amazon ($16.95)

If you loved the Divergent series and you feel like you are truly a Dauntless, then show everyone your true personality. They have each faction available, so you can choose which faction you like the best. This is an awesome bracelet to show you’re a true Divergent fan.


Coordinates Bracelets on Etsy ($32)

Again, not a book, TV show, or movie, but I couldn’t pass it up. This is an adorable bracelet with the great idea of putting the coordinates of where you were born or any place that might hold a significant meaning in your life. Whenever someone asks you about it, it will always lead to an amazing story.


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