Luno Will Branch Out and Invest in More Digital Asset Ventures and Fintech Companies

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The party is still raging in cryptoland as investors continue keep valuations afloat in the public markets and private markets.

At the time of this writing, bitcoin trades around $44k, Ethereum trades at $3K, and there is a bit of life in the digital asset markets. We also activity in the private markets with companies like Phi Labs raising $21 million for projects like the cosmos protocol archway.

We are still seeing a flurry of funding going into different cryptocurrency startups and it seems like that level of funding is not going to stop. 

Let’s take a look at Luno Expeditions, a firm looking to invest further in the digital asset sector and the fintech space generate more returns.



Luno is an investing application focused on Nigeria and the global market. It seeks to differentiate by having a footprint in more areas globally. 

Further, it wants to make investing in digital assets as simple as possible.

This firm will expand its presence in the fintech and digital asset market with Luno Expeditions.


Luno Expeditions

Luno is a big name in cryptocurrency. Luno is owned by a heavyweight in the industry, The Digital Currency group, also known as the DCG. Digital Currency Group is recently moving a step forward by launching Luno Expeditions. It aims to project it as a capital arm and invest in compelling startups focused on the future of money. It will be participating in investment at early stages, pre-seed-stage and seed stage. It will cast a broad net and fund start-ups all around the globe.

Luno and Investing in Crypto and Fintech 

According to recent reports, there is no fixed funding for Luno Expeditions. Instead, it will look at and invest in around over 200 start-ups annually. The new firm will have Jocelyn Cheng as its Chief Executive officer. In addition to this, the fresh start-up has ideas inspired by Luno and Digital Currency Group. 

The CEO also explained that there are very few markets interested in Fintech funds. Hence, there are multiple exciting opportunities available. In addition to this, the crypto and Fintech business is scaling day by day. Moreover, there is a strong correlation between fintech and crypto. 

To clear the misconception, Luno Expedition is not a newbie to step into the field of crypto and fintech ecosystem. Instead, it has been a while experimenting on new start-ups. For instance, the VC arm of Luno has backed Nala, a Tanzanian-based remittance company named Busha, an African-based digital currency exchange, and a Pakistani digital bank for women. 

The Funding Range that Luno Will Provide with Luno Expeditions

The Luno Expedition will deploy its start-ups with funding ranging from $50,000 to $250,000. The CEO also explained that they would abstain from fund structure as they don’t require external funding for the business.

Instead, the company is interested in using evergreen capital as it really seeks to build out the future. They believe that these investments are more valuable to the founders and will help build and establish new ventures in the fintech world. 

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