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Ladygeek Gadgets: Workin’ 9 to 5

It’s near impossible to go a week without hearing someone complain about how modern society spends an inordinate amount time browsing the internet. I have to protest such a statement. Even if someone spends 80% of their day connected to the internet, there are plenty of reasons to cement such a decision.  The world wide web is stuffed full of information on all sorts of subjects including academic, economic, and even published literature.

On the other hand, sure, I may spend a few hours a day browsing through websites that are a little less academic, but I have discovered bountiful widgets and doodads that have peeked my interest and creativity.

This week, everything cool that I have come across just screams “You need this at work!”

One such product are the LadyBuds from Handcandy.

Now, I have the unfortunate habit of losing my earbuds, and end up using my chunky rebel alliance themed headphones at my desk at work. But the LadyBuds are so dang cute, I would work double time to keep them from disappearing.

The magnetic clasp secures the necklace around your neck, and the inline microphone is cleverly positioned for effortless hands free calls. Each necklace is hand beaded, and there certainly are plenty of choices for you to oogle over. Handcandy prices each necklace at $40, and I predict that their product is worth every penny.

I recently transitioned from one clerical job to another, and wish so badly that I had one of these desk organizers to move things along. With papers and calendars strewn across the desk, an organizer like this from Cyanics.


In the organizer are slots for post its, your smart phone, business cards, pens, and even a cup holder for your ever important morning cup-of-joe. It also works as a USB hub, with three USB ports. Best part, it’s only $40!

These magic pills may be small, and seem so obvious, but I have been drooling over them for weeks now.Why are these not in every office and classroom on the planet? Well, maybe because they are $10 each, but the aesthetic of the CableDrop clips brings a modern flair to your work station.

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I could go on and on, and most likely will in another week of this column. There are plenty of helpful gadgets for the everyday ladygeek to take advantage of in the workplace, and some of them are only a click away. Thank you, internet!