Kidas Launches New ProtectMe Bot for Discord Server Protection

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ProtectMe Bot Uses Advanced Algorithms to Detect Serious Threats in Discord Servers and Keep Gamers Safe

Company Concurrently Inks Discord Server Protection Agreement with Esports Tower

PHILADELPHIANovember 13, 2023 – Kidas (“the Company”), a technology solutions company developing anti-cyberbullying and predator protection software for online gaming platforms, announced today the launch of its ProtectMe Bot, the first and only solution on the market with voice chat monitoring that is designed to combat the rampant infiltration of Discord servers by predators, stalkers, scammers and other threats. As part of this launch, Kidas worked with Esports Tower, the largest global esports athlete development organization to fine tune and trail the system in a robust real-life environment.

The ProtectMe Bot utilizes cutting-edge algorithms to detect and protect against a wide range of online threats, empowering server administrators and managers with the ability to monitor toxic gaming behaviors. The bot silently runs in the background of a PC’s operating system, continuously monitoring both voice and text communications and proactively identifying privacy violations, cyberbullying, financial scams and more. Kidas provides weekly safety reports that summarize all detected threats and include actionable recommendations to bolster server security. The alerts provide time, date and impacted user information to ensure full resolution.

Studies have shown that toxic players have a detrimental impact on the performance of their esports teams,” said Ron Kerbs, Founder and CEO of Kidas. “Bullying and abusive language are pervasive issues across esports communities, and the introduction of our ProtectMe Bot revolutionizes server administrators’ abilities to take action against harmful behaviors. Esports Tower is a leading esports training program, and we are hopeful that their action to foster a more positive and inclusive gaming environment is indicative of what is to come for the rest of the industry.”

Discord has made several advancements to its safety features to help protect users while gaming, including the use of parental controls and implementation of its Family Center. Kidas’ ProtectMe Bot creates an added layer of protection for server managers to pinpoint harassment and other violations swiftly, especially those occurring via voice chat that often go undetected. 

“All players deserve a supportive gaming environment free from the bad actors who disrupt the team dynamic,” said David Adams, CEO of Esports Tower. “Our training is proven to accelerate players’ abilities while gaming and, on a team, and it is crucial for them to possess the sportsmanship skills that will take them far in esports. Kidas is a trusted partner of the gaming community, and the ProtectMe Bot has quickly become an essential tool in our child safeguarding and training strategy. Professional teams seek great players that will not only win but will represent their brands professionally. The reporting we receive helps us have teachable moments with teens that can enhance their professional prospects long term.”

Esports Tower, named a global Partner In Protection with the child advocacy group Darkness To Light, has been a leader in child safeguarding since its inception. From deploying perpetual staff screening, mandating certifications in safe adult training and now adding AI monitoring with the ProtectMe Bot by Kidas, Esports Tower is the leader in developing safe and non-toxic communities fostering the highest practices in professionalism.

“The ProtectMe Bot’s reports, coupled with this new reporting system, provide our server administrators the tools needed to promptly respond to bad actors. Additionally, when player frustration or competitive nature get the better of them, we’re able to spot unprofessional behaviors and discuss productive ways to channel frustrations into competitive play. These coachable moments ultimately help players perform better and become prepared for the pressures of public life in esports,” explained Melissa Fisher, Chief Operating Officer.

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About Kidas

Kidas is a technology company developing anti-cyberbullying and predator protection software for online PC video game platforms. Hyper-focused on protecting young players, Kidas equips parents, guardians and educators with the tools that they need to manage the inherent risks that persist through online anonymity and shield their children from online predators and other toxic behaviors while they game. Through its proprietary, AI-powered ProtectMe software that analyzes in-game voice communication, text activity and screen time on PC games and apps, Kidas silently integrates into hundreds of popular games and monitors for predatory actions and privacy concerns. Custom weekly, monthly and, if needed, daily / immediate reports are generated and emailed to parents, letting them know if their child encountered threats. For more information, visit

About Esports Tower

Esports Tower’s innovative teen training and tournament programs have grown exponentially to become the largest developmental esports club for amateurs. Throughout the week, club players 13-19yrs old receive professional coaching, access to educational series, how-to webinars as well as one-of-a-kind insider access to esports professionals, college, and pro scouts. Last year their players received over $4.5M in scholarship offers. Top teams and select players can also score go-anywhere study-anything scholarship prizes along with opportunities to play pros in exhibition events. In 2023, their Rumble Tournament events broadcast on Esports Television (ESTV) garnered upward of 150,000 viewers per episode. For more information, please visit

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