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No Joke, 25% off Batman: Arkham Origins for Steam Key on Release Day

The caped crusader’s latest video game, Batman Arkham Origins, hits the shelves world wide on Friday, October 25th. For the Xbox 360 and PS3 consoles you’ll have to pay out the full $59.99 list price. However, if PC is your platform then not only is the cost reduced to $49.99, but if you act fast there’s a 25% off Arkham Origin coupon code reducing even further.

The best deal on Batman Arkham Originsis only $37.50 for the Steam key, after coupon GMG25-3P6V5-3Q850 at Green Man Gaming (normally $49.99). The coupon code is scheduled to end Oct. 28th at 11AM Eastern. GMG is known to extend coupon codes like this through the weekend, though there is no guarantee. Steam key arrives via email today at around 1PM Eastern. Batman Arkham Origins activates on Steam.

Pre-Order Deal Details

Now that the game is released, pre-order bonuses are kaput 🙁 Sorry if you missed out!

In addition to the discount, you also get the “Deathstroke DLC” preorder bonus. That makes the Deathstroke a playable character in all “challenge mode” maps of Arkham Origins. The player will also be given two extra challenge maps and two character skins in the DLC.


For those looking for a pre-order deal on the Xbox 360, PS3, Wii U, Nintendo 3DS, or PS Vita check out Amazon. There you’ll find a bonus $10 Amazon credit with the preorder for any platform.