Jake Estrada Premieres Indie Horror – ZOOMED

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SPACE COAST, October 9th 2021- From the mind of film director, Jake Estrada, comes a new horror film just in time for Halloween. The film, entitled Zoomed, centers on a group of friends who meet regularly to discuss serial killers. One by one, the friends start disappearing. Is there a real killer on the loose? You’ll have to watch to find out!

The film stars David Grace, Chuck Fresh, Cecil Garner, Jose R. Mesarina, Nino Angelo Mesarina, Jake Estrada, and many more. Jake began filming the movie during the pandemic, so the majority of the movie was filmed entirely on the video conferencing platform Zoom. This allowed the movie to be made in a safe, socially distanced way for everyone involved. It also provided a unique opportunity for people to participate from all over the country. The film will be shown at Cinema World theater in Melbourne on Friday, October 15, 2021 only. 

For more information about Zoomed or anything else that Jake Estrada is working on, feel free to contact him through email or social media.

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