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iPad mini Retina Gets a $70 Price Drop

Discounts on recently released Apple products are a rare thing indeed, but when they do go on sale, often they get bought up pretty quickly. Fortunately there’s a little bit of staying power behind today’s offer on eBay Deals, which has sold 432 units since going live, where they’ve slashed nearly $70 off the iPad mini’s $399 Apple Store list price.

Shipping is free in the US and sales tax only applies in the state of New York. Limited quantity available. Color choice available between black or white.

Alternative Deal This Week: If you think you can do better than a $70 discount, you’re technically right. This week Target is running a promotion, where you’ll have to fork out the full $399 list price for the 16GB iPad mini Retina but you’ll get a $100 bonus Gift Card. A solid offer that runs through Saturday, July 12th. This offer also applies to the iPad Air.