iOS 16.1: New Features for iPhone and iPad

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The iOS 16.1 new features launched in October 2022. If you recently updated your Apple device or plan to do so, you can make use of the following new features for your iPhone and iPad.

Whether you are interested in purchasing Apple items for your friends or family or for yourself, it helps to understand compelling features present with these devices to make the most out of them.

Share Photos Through the iCloud Shared Photo Library

Photos and sharing are critical parts of our digital experience. We want to capture memories and then we want to make sure that we are providing these memories to those who we call friends. We are always looking forward to simplifying this process and enhancing the overall experience.

Thankfully, Apple has made some improvements in this part of your experience.

If you are tired of doing AirDrops every now and then to share your photo dumps with friends, the iCloud Shared Photo Library can help. This new feature allows you to share selective images with people without having to send them with everyone manually. 

The feature enables you to share your photos with up to five other people. However, you can only be a part of one shared library at a time. 

Live Activities for Your Lock Screen and Dynamic Island

In case you wanted your apps to deliver real-time updates in your Dynamic Island and lock screen, one of the iOS 16.1 new features allow you to do so. Dubbed as Live Activities, this functionality lets you get real-time notifications from apps even when your phone is locked. 

If you use a variety of third-party apps to remain updated on your favorite topics, this can be a highly sought after feature for you.

Access Apple Fitness Plus Features Without Apple Watch

The Apple Fitness Plus is one of the most popular apps among fitness experts and wellness aficionados. But it needs an Apple Watch to become accessible. Or so it did before the iOS 16.1 update. Now, you can access the Apple Fitness Plus app right through your iPhone 8 and above without requiring an Apple Watch.

This provides significant flexibility to you if you want to check your fitness goals and achievements without tapping away on your Apple Watch. 

iOS 16.1 is now available for all iPhones and iPads. By upgrading to the latest version from your mobile device, you can enjoy these features as well.

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