Instant Cameras Make A Comeback, Thanks To Social Media Influence

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In 2014 we live in the world of instant. Fast food, fast internet, and even instant banking. We like things fast and efficient in our daily lives. This same concept applies to sharing our memories with friends, family, and acquaintances. Some shiver in anticipation as they wait for someone to comment on their Facebook status while others simply throw out Tweets like their life is everyone’s business.

The instant camera hasn’t exactly died out over the years, as plenty of people still use the technology and enjoy the nostalgia attached to such a device. The look and feel of the freshly printed picture in hand is great, and decorating with Polaroid and Instagram styled images is all the rage. It has become more difficult to find products like this, but they are still out there. Doing what they do.

The original presenter of instant gratification in photo sharing are the folks over at Polaroid with this nostalgic find. Polaroid cameras and their iconic photo frame play a pivotal role in our culture’s relationship with sharing and networking. The original instant cameras would capture your image one minute and print that image out for you the next. Insanely useful and fun to share.



Instant Cameras Are Making A Reappearance

Nowadays that instant image is shared via WiFi from your camera phone to websites and applications. Same concept, but more efficient as you won’t have to take your printed photo to the nearest office supply store to make copies. On the other hand, many smart phone owners have hundreds of pictures in their camera roll that go unused. Maybe they made an appearance on a Facebook page or Instagram feed, but there they sit. In the company of the other two hundred photos on your phone, just waiting to be of use.

Introducing, Polaroid’s Socialmatic camera.



The Socialmatic provides both the ability to instantly share your favorite Christmas photo online, as well as print out copies to hand to your family within about 25 seconds. This cool new gadget combines new technology with nostalgia and convenience. Set for a Fall 2014 release, the camera will be available just in time for the holiday rush.  With specifications like 14Mp front camera, 2Mp rear camera, photo filters, and built in Wifi this camera better live up to the expectations. The price is currently set at $299.

I think this product could either be super amazing, or sadly disappointing. All of the features included make for a seemingly convenient and creative camera, but the shape and design could lead to physical difficulties, especially with the “selfie” craze. The ability to have every photo sharing possibility literally at your fingertips is impressive, but if the product isn’t swift and easy to handle things could get messy. I’m also interested in feeling the weight of the camera as well as learning the durability. If the shape does indeed lead to handling issues, and the camera is dropped, I hope that the material used to make this product is hefty enough to keep it alive after a few accidents.

All in all I believe that this camera will initially sell well. It’s a great concept and if manufactured correctly it will bring a new level of social networking to society. We’ll see people handing physical copies of photos to each other again, and the empty walls and desks of the world will return to their prier state of being canvasses for our memories. I look forward to the release of more information as well as reviews from trial users. Let’s hope that Polaroid and those like them continue to produce new and groundbreaking gadgets and gizmos for the consumers to use and enjoy.