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Imagine Customs – ‘Edge’ for PS4 and Xbox One – Review

Recently, we had the pleasure of getting our hands on not one, but two custom controllers from the creative folks over at Imagine Customs.

Who is Imagine Customs, you ask? They are a pretty incredible custom hardware company that has been on the scene for about 2 years. The specialize in customization options for a numerous amount of things like, Xbox One Controllers, HD PVR’S, iPhones, PS4 controllers and more.

For this review, we’re checking out a canary yellow ‘EDGE’ controller for PS4, as well as a lime green ‘EDGE’ controller for Xbox One. Let’s dig in, shall we?

Yellow PS4 Edge


As you can see, the PS4 Edge is one beautiful controller. While aesthetics are paramount, it is also important to know if this beauty performs as good as it looks. After a trial run, we are happy to report that the Edge is fully-functional, comfortable and sleek. It definitely upped our reaction times and gave us an edge (pun completely intended) over the competition. Let’s check out the fantastic custom buttons that Imagine Customs has added to make the Edge unique –


Here’s what Imagine Customs had to say about their patent-pending controller buttons:

Our patent-pending button technology is competition approved, and it allows the user to react quicker in those intense first-person-shooter (FPS) moments. Games like Call Of Duty, you’re really relying on instincts, and those quick reactions – Our buttons help increase the amount of time that you have to react in those moments. The buttons on the back can be mapped to any button, ensuring the user has the most personalized load out.

Typically, when you want to jump, or crouch in Call Of Duty – You need to move your fingers from the thumbsticks to do this, our buttons that are placed on the back of the controllers shell, help you achieve less movement. You won’t need to sacrifice thumb stick movement, because you’ll be using different fingers to jump/crouch, or even reload.

They are tactically placed buttons, to ensure every seconds counts.

For those who play FPS games or games that simply require a quick reaction, the Edge is a must have. As states by Imagine Customs themselves, these buttons are completely mappable and will allow the used to have a uniquely personalized experience.

Additional Photos




Green Xbox One Edge

20140929_104652As with the PS4 Edge, we were pleasantly surprised to find that the Xbox One Edge was just as attractive and functional. It sports the same customization and mappable buttons to allow the user to create a personalized experience. Check out how streamlined and gorgeous this controller really is:

Additional Photos




A huge thank you to the folks at Imagine Customs for letting us get up close and personal with their controllers. To pick up one of your very own, head on over to the official Imagine Customs website and start shopping!

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