Hp spa tool

HP’s Secure Print Analysis (SPA) Tool and Managed Printer Services (MPS) Will Protect Your Printing Environment

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Printers have evolved to become increasingly essential and multi-functional pieces of business technology. Because contemporary printers can print, scan, transmit, and sometimes also store confidential information, they also present a complex area of security vulnerability for businesses. HP is proud to offer Secure Managed Print Services (MPS) to help midsize businesses and expanding enterprises protect and streamline their printing and imaging environments. HP MPS is customized to each business’s needs with a focus on providing an effective and secure flow of information, improving compliance to printing policies, and reducing device down time and hidden printing costs for each organization.

HP is a global MPS leader, serving all sizes of organizations with industry specific printing environment security and efficiency analysis, management, and ongoing support from MPS specialists and HP IT teams. MPS will expertly manage and optimize your printing environment so that your busy IT team and all of your employees can focus on meaningful priorities. HP MPS offers a wealth of comprehensive printing security services, including planning workshops tailored to your business, the HP Imaging and Printing Security Center, hands-on Security Advisory Services and the automated HP JetAdvantage Security Manager.

Hp spa tool

A helpful tool for those interested in or new to HP MPS is the HP Secure Print Analysis (SPA) Tool, which both assesses and makes recommendations for boosting the security of your organization’s specific printing environment. Here are a few of the potentially vulnerable business areas that the HP SPA Tool can evaluate and that HP MPS can enable you to protect:

Document and Paper Security: Both your confidential information and your specialized paper, such as check stock, are at risk without adequate document and paper security measures. It is imperative that printing environments have access control and authentication procedures in place to prevent sensitive document and paper theft as well as unauthorized manipulation of printer permission settings.

Network Data: Multifunction printers within your business network are vulnerable to data theft like any of your network computers, and they are also susceptible to malware. The HP MPS portfolio of data protection services include firewalls, encrypted print drivers, and digital certificates.

Device Security: Private user data, employee credentials, and sensitive stored documents that remain on printers can all create major confidentiality risks for your business. HP can manage customized data encryption and scheduled erasure for your organization’s fleet of printers with MPS.

Centralized Printer Environment Management: Without centralized printer fleet management your organization is vulnerable to fragmented and inadequate printer security protocols, as well as an increased likelihood of protocol non-compliance. HP MPS provides focused and expert centralized printer and imaging environment management for mixed fleets of devices (including HP and non-HP devices).

Try the SPA Tool

HP invites you to take the HP Secure Print Analysis Survey and explore your business’s current and potential printer security environment. With a concise questionnaire and helpful checklist, this tool offers specific, personalized printer security options relating to the areas mentioned above. The SPA tool will help you to better understand your printing security risks and options, and will reveal how a partnership with HP can bring you increased security and peace of mind in your printing environment.

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