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HP Brings Back Windows 7: Five New PCs Get ‘Old’ OS

It’s pretty common knowledge that in late 2012 the PC market made a general shift towards the “Touch” market, and Windows 8 was a pretty good product that catered towards this move. Seriously though, the PC desktop “Everyman” JUST got comfortable with Windows 7. Yet if they want to buy a new non-Touch PC with the latest up-to-date specs, they’re forced to get one with a brand new operating system that wasn’t actually designed with them in mind. That’s probably the thinking behind HP’s latest move back to Windows 7.

This week, added two new laptop and three new desktop configurations to their lineup on their online store catalog. All five are customizable in the sense that the buyer can upgrade to a faster processor, more RAM, etc. It’s also notable that configurations with a list price of $799.99 and up can use coupon code PC71926 at checkout for a 15% off discount. For anything under $799.99, you can use coupon code SAVE15HP for a flat $15 off (don’t scoff at the $15 coupon as it’ll stack with any instant savings available, whereas the aforementioned 15% off coupon won’t).

Laptops with Windows 7

Desktops with Windows 7