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How & Why To Avoid A Corny Corporate Presence On TikTok

TikTok is both one of the largest and fastest growing social media apps out there, and while the app often faces difficulty such as UMG withdrawing their entire library from its sound archive, or being banned from certain locations entirely, it still goes from strength to strength.

As such, companies now see the benefits, not only for social media advertising but also opening their own profiles and committing to outreach from there. Yet as the short-form and notable short attention span of TikTok’s posts and content have become something of a new standard, it has inspired brands to become ever-more outrageous in their marketing approach.

Look to Ryanair, an airline founded in Ireland, or Duolingo the language education app to see how rejuvenated shock marketing and relatability have become paramount, some even turning to influencers to help them connect with their growing userbase.

As you can expect, many companies have tried to follow suit after using the TikTok API to structure and post content. But without a robust plan and a careful strategy behind this approach, it’s all too easy to let these considerations cause havoc. In this post, we’ll determine how and why that’s the case, and how to prevent your firm from struggling in that respect.

TikTok Users Can Sniff Inauthenticity From Miles Away

TikTok users sometimes compete to be the funniest reply, and if your business provides fodder for them to do so, well, it will take over the entire message of the post. Now, you could disable comments, but it’s better to just be human and simple on TikTok than anything else. Try not to be overly relatable as this could be seen as a brand trying to speak like a person.

Instead, center real people, perhaps in your offices, or perhaps as part of your overall messaging strategy. A heartfelt note from the leader of a company, or the presenter of your business event, can inspire people in your audience and those who happen upon the post to get involved, as opposed to dismiss. Just be usre your marketing message is robust and doesn’t use outdated memes or ineffective humor to farm engagement, as this rarely helps.

Consider Your Value-Added Approach

In a world of social media churn, companies understand more than ever that value-added approaches are the most important to curate. In other words, you need to offer something valuable to an audience to feel as though the time spent watching your content or advert was acceptable.

Let’s say you’re in the SEO space. You might publish a library of content with helpful explainers related to a range of topics, and cursory introductions into the processes used and offered by your firm. So then, perhaps business owners, or those interested in the topic, might continue to use you as a resource to learn more, perhaps from your blog, and engage further from there.

Front-Load Your Message

TikTok remains endlessly scrollable, which is why it’s possible to spend hours on the platform without realizing it. That also means viewers are very, very capable of floating past your content without a moment’s hesitation. That’s why front-loading your message is so important.

You might start with an attention-grabbing introduction, and then immediately fall into the rest of what you have to say by show advertisements or engaging that value-added approach above. It’s also important to be mindful not to become too salesy because that might strike you with the legal need to mark the video as an advertisement. Sometimes, just building up helpful content can serve as the advertisement itself, but again, that only works if you front-load that message and inspire people to watch it.

Learn Self-Defense Strategies

Like any social media effort, sometimes it’s easy to fall into mockery or difficulty if you’re not precise about your messaging. You can also use the features of the platform to disable potential blowback as and where it might be found.

For example, disabling stitches or duets can prevent other creators from adding to your video. In some cases, this can prevent mockery or other jokes coming your way that were never necessarily warranted but still affect the health and image of your brand.

Of course, taking a direct view of moderating comments is also important. Remaining clear about the kind of feedback you do and don’t want, even if you don’t say that publicly, is key. You can always block and disable users from commenting on your posts, which may be helpful if they shift the atmosphere or aren’t friendly to your corporate image.

Engage With Users Authentically, Not Just For Promotion

It’s good to use TikTok as more of a personality promotion tool as opposed to an advertisement platform. In other words, you get to showcase what excites your firm and the people who work there, the cool things you’re working on, and what your mission statement is.

Users will much prefer to see an advocate than they prefer to see someone selling their portfolio or library of products day and night. Engaging with users authentically means listening to what they have to say, working with TikTok users or sponsoring those in your space. So for example, a publisher might sponsor content from a TikTok user to honestly review their latest release, which could not only increase sales but grant you the kudos of asking for a real, non-biased review.

This way, your firm can seen as human-led instead of brand-led, which helps eviscerate some of the concern and difficulty involved with inauthentic behavior, as we discussed above. In other words, don’t be afraid to be a real presence instead of polishing your image to an eerie shine, as TikTok users seem highly aware of those tactics and are all too quick to dismiss them.

With this advice, you’re sure to avoid a corny presence on TikTok. But most importantly, you’ll understand why certain users can define brands this way, and how to prevent those pitfalls ahead of time. By centering authenticity, becoming an advocate for your brand, and staying consistent to your audience, TikTok can be a vital tool for brand growth.

Image credit: Pexels – CC0 License

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