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How to Track the Performance of Non-Professional Athletes

PlayG360 (“G360”) is a patent-pending social media platform providing non-professional athletes with the tools and exposure to help build their careers by creating and promoting real-time stats. The company submitted a utility patent and plans for the app to go live by 2023/24.

G360 created a sports-focused social media platform for non-professional athletes at all levels. Now players can track real game progress, create authentic content, and collect or share accurate data that they can use to further their personal development. Like other influencer-focused Apps like TikTok, Instagram, FanBase, or Only Fans, G360 empowers non-professional athletes by helping them refine their sporting influencer niche while providing data, exposure, and new resources that could lead to real NIL deals.

“I played basketball for 15 years professionally in Europe, and I never had access to any analytic data that I could have used to market myself and develop personally,” said Phil Goss, CEO of G360. “When I look back at my career, it sucks that I didn’t have access to the data.  I would have used this data to improve 100%. I often think how much better I would have been if I was working on areas of my game that I struggled in based on the data. Instead, I just did what the trainer told me to do.” 

Geek insider, geekinsider, geekinsider. Com,, how to track the performance of non-professional athletes, applications

Stats and Amateur Athletes

The global sports industry is a $620 billion market; amateur athletes make up most of it. So instead of focusing on the already famous, G360 is bringing fame to everyday athlete influencers. What happens to the 99% of athletes that don’t make it pro? The amateur/non-professional market has been overlooked,” said Goss. “Social media allows athletes to post content. However, athletes don’t own the data. It’s like owning your masters if you’re a recording artist.”

It’s also important to note that social media platforms are significant in recruiting and exposure. The only thing missing from social media is real-time stats to validate content. “We enable athletes to market their statistics on social media, opening up new avenues for exposure and opportunities.

The company plans to dominate the non-professional side of sports like pickleball, golf, basketball, football, and other non-professionals can play,” said Goss. Pickleball, one of the fastest-growing sports, is played mainly by non-professionals. The global pickleball market was valued at $187 million in 2021 and is expected to expand at a CAGR of 10.32%, reaching $214 million by 2027.

G360 will encourage athletes to build and grow their network, creating a community of friendly competition with like-minded athletes of all levels. Here’s more about the founder, Phil Goss, a former basketball pro who knows the importance of tracking, analyzing, and monetizing an athlete’s talents. You can also learn more about investment opportunities here –

About Phil Goss, CEO of G360 and Former Basketball Pro

Before becoming the CEO and founder of G360, Phil played basketball, winning multiple accolades as a point guard and shooting guard across a career spanning the Netherlands, Turkish, French, Greek, and Italian basketball leagues before moving to Europe and recently serving as an Assistant Coach of Capital City GO-GO. His playing and coaching career has enabled him to build relationships with people from all cultures and at all levels of an organization.

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