How To Set Up Your Own Vape Kit

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Vaping refers to the use of a personal vaporizer or electronic cigarette. This practice is fast becoming an accepted practice, more so after the growing concern among many people on the severe effects of tobacco smoking. And in place of cigarettes, vape kits have emerged as an ideal replacement as you still can enjoy smoking without experiencing the latter’s severe adverse effects. But if you’re new to vaping, before you head over to E-Zigaretten Online Shop, you’ll need to go through a lot of information, all of which can be daunting and complicated. 

Fortunately, this doesn’t have to be the case, as in this post, you’ll be taken through a detailed guide on how to set up your own vape kit. Without further ado, here’s an overview of everything you need to know about the vape kit:

What’s A Vape Kit? 

Before even thinking of buying a kit, it’d be best if you first knew what’s included in a vape kit. The vape kit comes with four main components—the coil, battery, mouthpiece, and tank. All these components need to work together for you to enjoy your vaping experience. You can try out different kinds of e-liquids that vary in nicotine strength and flavors with your vape kits. In addition, you get instructions and a charger for recharging your vape kit’s battery to enjoy vaping at all times.

Although vape kits come in different forms, these are the four typical types of kits: 

  • Mods 
  • Pod systems 
  • Pen vapes 
  • Ciga-likes 

Conveniently, you can buy a vape kit from Vape and Juice. Only after knowing the different types of vape kits available to buy should you understand the steps of setting up your own. 

How Do You Set Up The Vape Kit? 

If you want to quit smoking and switch to vaping but not know how to set up your first vape kit, here are the steps you should follow when setting up this device:

Step 1: Prepare Your Gadget 

Upon receiving your vape kit, the first thing to do is taking it out of its box. Consequently, place it on an even surface and examine its different components to familiarize yourself with it. 

Step 2: Power Your Vape Kit 

For you to use your vape kit, the built-in battery needs to be powered up by plugging it into a power socket to charge it. This is a vital step to observe before using your vape kit, although both experienced and novice vaping enthusiasts often overlook it.

While all vape kits have a battery, the kind of battery found and the voltage usually differs. A kit with a high voltage battery generates a lot of cloudy fumes because its coil dispenses a lot of currents. Therefore, you should only go for this if you enjoy huge and dense cloud production while vaping.

Step 3: Add E-Liquid Into The Pod or Tank 

If your vape kit has a conventional tank, you need to examine whether the tank is located at the bottom or the top. With that said, many of the kits have their tank at the top, but you shouldn’t always assume this. Instead, confirm its location by reading the product manual or packaging and consequently add the e-liquid there. For a kit with a pod system, add the e-liquid to the refillable pod after locating it either at the side or the top as indicated on the manual or packaging.

Step 4: Set Up The Coils 

How you charge the coils will depend on the kind of tank integrated into your vape kit. For some vape kits, you’re expected to disassemble the tank and change the coil by simply unscrewing it. You should, however, confirm that the tank is empty before doing this. After unscrewing the tank, you’ll see the coil at the tank’s bottom and piece it back into position, but ensure it isn’t very tight. Once that’s done, add juice through the tank’s port and allow it to soak for several minutes before using your vape.

Other kinds of tanks only require you to remove the coil from the tank’s bottom section and then place another. After that, give the juice a couple of minutes to soak into the cotton before using it. When setting up the coils, these are two important points you need to remember:

  • Confirm the coil has been installed properly and get assistance in case you aren’t sure if this has been installed. Otherwise, the coil might end up not working as expected, and this ruins your vaping experience. 
  • Wait for at least 10 minutes as this gives the coils enough time to be soaked by the juice and avoid burning the cotton and consequently destroying the coil. 

Step 5: Change The Wattage 

This step only applies depending on the kind of vaping device you’re using. For cigalikes, pens, and some pod gadgets, adjusting the wattage won’t be necessary. But if you’re using a box mod, you can easily change the wattage.

Box mods usually have two smaller buttons, a fire button, and a screen to help you determine the correct wattage. Using the smaller two buttons, you can change your gadget’s wattage setting, but you need to maintain caution while doing this. Otherwise, excessively high wattages will cut down your device’s lifespan due to dry hits.

If you’re uncertain of your gadget’s wattage, it’s best to examine the installed coil, and you’ll likely see the best wattage to use, which in most cases ranges between 40 to 50 watts. 

Step 6: The First Vape

Once you’ve confirmed that everything’s in order, you could now go ahead and take your first vape. Before doing this, make sure that the tank or pod is tightly attached to your gadget, which means the gadget’s ready for use. 

Consequently, put the vape’s mouthpiece or tip on your mouth while pressing the fire button and simultaneously drawing the smoke being produced. And just like that, you’re now vaping.


Regardless of whether you’re new or experienced in vaping, understanding how to use a vape kit is essential. If you had no clue how to use the vape kit, this insightful post has provided you with an outline of all the basic details you need to know.

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