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How to Locate and Use a Crypto Exchange Office

A crypto exchange office is the new platform for doing crypto transactions, particularly buying and selling for cash or doing crypto swaps. The office works like a bank where traders walk in and get assisted to do an exchange by a professional concierge.

Today, this option is becoming more common in major cities around the world such as Istanbul and Ankara in Turkey. They give a more personalized experience to users on top of crypto exchange security and affordability.

So, how do you locate and use a crypto exchange office? Here is everything you need to know.

Choose a Reputable Crypto Exchange Office

A crypto exchange office is a good alternative to online exchanges for people who are looking for a personalized and assisted trading experience. So, take time to research and compare the best crypto exchange offices in your country, especially if you live in a city.

Ensure that the office has a reputation for good customer service and transaction security, and most importantly, it should have a high liquidity. Also, consider the exchange fee, especially if you want to trade huge amounts of cryptocurrencies.

Know Where the Office is Located

Now that you know the crypto exchange office that you want to use, it is good to know where it is located, and all other branches, just in case you want to trade on the go. Most if not all of them have a website where they share all the crucial information, including a map showing the physical address.

Ensure that the location is accessible and that you can have a waiting car on standby, particularly when you want to cash out your cryptocurrencies. Most reputable crypto offices have convenient parking that reduces the risks of being robbed, just like banks.

Visit the Crypto Exchange Office

To buy or sell crypto through a crypto exchange office, you need to be there physically. Now that you know the location, visit the office to get assisted by a concierge. Most of the offices have an excellent setup to make you feel comfortable.

Enjoy the waiting bay as you wait for your turn to be served by a teller at the exchange booth. As you wait, ensure that you have the verification documents, your digital wallet details, and a bag to put in your cash. You should be ready to do a crypto exchange.

Do Your Crypto Exchange

A teller will take you through the verification process. A reputable crypto exchange office may also have an experienced concierge to guide you before the transaction if you are a beginner or if you do not understand the process well. This involves doing the exchange calculations, factoring in the exchange commission, and arriving at the final figure.

Once you are satisfied, the teller will execute the exchange and give you the cash if you are doing a cash-out or credit your digital wallet if you are buying crypto. It is as simple as that!


Using a crypto exchange office is not only fun but very effective these days. It is becoming very popular among crypto enthusiasts these days and you can give it a try too. All you need to do is check if there is one near you and prepare to visit the outlet.

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