How to Get More Visitors to Your Blog, Channel or Podcast

Increase traffic

Whether you want to become an influencer, launch a business via your online platform, or simply reach more listeners in order to gain a sense of achievement for yourself, you can apply a number of clever techniques in order to grow the audience of your blog, channel or podcast. In this article, we explore just a few of these handy approaches to ensure your success.

Optimize Your Content

Intent SEO is a great way to reach relevant parties and encourage them to give your content a try. SEO stands for search engine optimization, and refers to the act of optimizing the content of your site or page to make sure it appears prominently in the search results. One central approach is to research and use relevant, commonly used keywords. You can include these keywords in titles, descriptions, meta tags, accompanying copy and elsewhere in your content to guide new viewers or users to your channel via a search engine. Intent SEO can help you to multiply your revenue if you run a business via your online platform, and will ensure that you consistently outrank your competitors.

Update More Regularly

We’re consuming large volumes of content faster than ever before, so to appeal to a larger number of users, it’s a good idea to update your platform with new content as regularly as possible. Of course, you’ll need to stay on topic and make sure every new update is well-researched and of high quality too. Find the perfect balance between quantity and quality to keep growing your number of followers, and make sure not to take so much on that you burn out.


You’ll get more out of partnering up with other content creators than aggressively competing with them. A great way to grow your audience is to collaborate with other leaders in your field. Your followers will appreciate being introduced to a new channel, and you might pick up some of your collaborator’s audience at the same time. Why not interview another content creator in a video or blog post, or divide research and creative duties between you so that the results can be shared on both platforms?

Hold Special Events

It’s great to regularly put out high quality content in the same vein, but it’s also important to occasionally mix it up a little. Holding special events that deviate slightly from your normal approach might help you to draw in a new audience and will give returning followers something fresh and interesting to look forward to in order to keep them hooked. Why not focus your efforts to produce a “week of…” – promising new, focused content every day for seven days? You could also create occasional extended episodes, release bonus content or even launch competitions. Whatever you decide to do, make sure that it only happens occasionally. It needs to feel like a special one-off, otherwise your followers will expect the same type and quantity of work from you all the time, and may become harder to impress.

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