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How to Get CS:GO Prime Status

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has been on the list of the most popular games for over a decade now, and it is enjoyed by millions of players worldwide every day. One of the key features of the game is its Prime Status system, which offers a unique experience to players who choose to upgrade their accounts. In this article, we will dive deeper into the world of CS:GO Prime Status and explain what it is, how to get it, and why it is worth considering for any CS:GO player.

What is Prime Status?

CS:GO Prime Status is a feature that provides players with a more secure and enjoyable experience. Players with Prime Status are matched with other Prime Status players and are eligible to receive exclusive bonuses, such as a unique badge and access to exclusive weapon skins.

How to Get Prime Status?

Prior to the June 2021 upgrade, gamers had a simple way to obtain Prime for free. They only needed to confirm their phone number before leveling up to at least Rank 21. After the upgrade, purchasing Prime in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is the only method to obtain it. Through Steam, you may pay several dollars to upgrade to CS:GO Prime Status.

Benefits of Playing with a CS:GO Prime Status

Is obtaining CS:GO Prime status a worthwhile pursuit? What advantages does it offer? The answer is subjective, and hinges on your goals. Do you aspire to compete at a professional level or simply play the game free of cheaters and hackers? If so, then it is recommended to obtain CS:GO Prime status. However, if you’re primarily interested in acquiring skins and other rewards, then opening CS:GO cases might be more appropriate. The following are the top three benefits that CS:GO Prime provides for its users.

Cheaters & Toxic Players aren’t Allowed

Firstly, Prime Status players are subject to a more secure and trustworthy matchmaking system, as they have verified their identity by either adding a verified phone number to their Steam account or purchasing the Prime Status upgrade.

Secondly, by requiring a verified phone number or a purchase, the Prime Status system creates a barrier for cheaters, who are less likely to have taken these steps. This results in a better overall experience for Prime Status players, who can enjoy the game with less frustration and with a reduced chance of encountering cheaters.

Receive Valuable Rewards from Drops

One of the benefits of having CS:GO Prime Status is that players are eligible to receive valuable in-game drops, such as unique weapon skins. These drops are awarded randomly and can add significant value to a player’s in-game inventory.

In addition to increasing their chances of receiving valuable drops, Prime Status rewards players with a unique badge on their Steam profile, which showcases their status and can help increase their reputation within the community. This badge not only adds a cosmetic touch to the player’s profile but also indicates to others that they are a trustworthy and dedicated player.

Opportunity to Play with Other Individuals with Prime

CS:GO Prime provides players with a number of benefits, including access to exclusive matchmaking with other Prime players, which creates a more trustworthy player pool and reduces the chance of encountering cheaters

Furthermore, because Prime players are generally more experienced and committed to the game, playing with other Prime players can lead to better teamwork and overall gameplay experiences.

Moreover, CS:GO Prime may increase your chance of being seen by other professional CS:GO players, which in turn can result in you ending up on globally famous CS:GO teams and pursuing your career as a gamer. Look, the network is so important in the business world. Think of CS:GO as a key to networking with professionals. Popular players will try to test every new feature with the purpose of increasing their performance. You can be sure that the number of professional players will be several times higher than the number you see in everyday battles. It is like a footballer being invited to play in the Champions League. After you are in, it all depends on how well you can sell yourself. So, if you believe in your capabilities and think that your games may attract professionals, go ahead and get CS:GO Prime. 

To Wrap Up!

In this article, we discussed CS:GO Prime status by defining what it is, how to get it, and the benefits it offers. To sum up, CS:GO Prime Status is a paid upgrade option that provides players with access to exclusive matchmaking and various other benefits such as reducing cheating in the game and rewarding you with random drops, which can contain valuable skins. Playing with other Prime members, you can enjoy a more secure and fair matchmaking experience, as well as improved teamwork and gameplay. CS:GO Prime will also increase your chances of being promoted to internationally popular CS:GO teams if you are willing to continue your career in the gaming industry. The Prime status also shows a commitment to the game and a lower likelihood of disruptive behavior. Unfortunately, Prime status cannot be obtained for free now. You can get it from either the Steam Market or the in-game store for a few bucks. Overall, for those looking to enhance their CS:GO experience, Prime status is definitely worth considering.

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