How to Fight Climate Change with David Hasselhoff’s Green Gaming Initiative

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Climate change is an ever-pressing issue, demanding action from every sector of society. In a unique and groundbreaking initiative, Hollywood legend David Hasselhoff is joining forces with the gaming industry to combat this global crisis. This blog post explores how Hasselhoff’s partnership with PlanetPlay’s “Make Green Tuesday Moves” (MGTM) initiative is leveraging the power of video games to promote sustainability and environmental responsibility.

The Hoff’s Role in “Make Green Tuesday Moves”

Background of the Initiative

PlanetPlay, a not-for-profit organization, has launched MGTM to unite gamers and game developers in the fight against climate change. The initiative aims to integrate environmental actions into gaming experiences, allowing players to contribute to sustainability projects through their favorite pastime. David Hasselhoff, renowned for his roles in “Knight Rider” and “Baywatch,” is the first celebrity to endorse this initiative, bringing significant attention to the cause.

How Hasselhoff is Contributing

Starting July 2, 2024, various video games will feature exclusive green items inspired by Hasselhoff. These items, available for purchase, include new character skins and upcycled downloadable content (DLC). Proceeds from these sales will be funneled into certified sustainability projects via PlanetPlay’s eco-donate platform.

The Impact of Gaming on Climate Change

The Power of Gaming

The gaming industry boasts a massive reach, with millions of daily active players worldwide. By integrating climate action into popular games, MGTM taps into this vast audience, promoting passive activism. Players can contribute to environmental causes simply by engaging in the games they love.

Examples of Participating Games

Numerous games are participating in the MGTM initiative, including:

  • Avakin Life (Lockwood Publishing)
  • Bowling Club (Boombit)
  • Car Driving School (Boombit)
  • Cook & Merge (Supersolid)
  • Crazy Defence Heroes (Animoca Brands)
  • Darts Club (Boombit)
  • Dawn Of Ages (Boombit)
  • Fishing Clash (Ten Square Games)
  • Hunt Royale (Boombit)
  • Nitro Nation (CM Games)
  • Peridot (Niantic)
  • Piper Pets Cafe (Tripledot)
  • Solitaire (Tripledot)
  • Subway Surfers (SYBO)
  • The Great Ocean (Actrio)
  • Tile Dynasty (Tripledot)
  • Top Drives (Hutch)
  • Train Station 2 (Pixel Federation)
  • Triple Title (Tripledot)
  • Wooduku (Tripledot)

These games, collectively engaging over 36 million daily players, are now vehicles for promoting sustainability.

Real-World Impact Through Gaming

Funded Sustainability Projects

Proceeds from the sale of green items in games will support various sustainability projects. Two notable initiatives include:

  1. The Hongera Project: Aims to improve living conditions in Kenya by manufacturing and distributing clean cookstoves.
  2. WAI Wanaka Water Conservation Project: Focuses on water conservation efforts in New Zealand.

Testimonials and Support

Key figures from the gaming and tech industries have expressed their support for MGTM:

  • Jessica Jung, Product Manager for Peridot at Niantic: “We’re excited to partner with PlanetPlay for initiatives like Make Green Tuesday Moves. At the core of Niantic’s mission, we believe that we can leverage the power of gaming to help people get outdoors, healthier, and meet new people. It’s amazing when this mission can also work in tandem to make for a greener planet.”
  • Tamzin Taylor, Head of Google Play Partnerships Western Europe: “PlanetPlay’s Make Green Tuesday Moves initiative is a fantastic example of how the games industry can leverage its massive reach to make a positive impact. We’re proud to support MGTM by featuring it on the Google Play store, making it easier for millions of gamers to get involved and play for the planet.”

How We Can Help

Climate change is a critical issue requiring collective action. Here’s how everyone can contribute:


  • Engage with MGTM Games: Play the participating games and purchase green items to support sustainability projects.
  • Spread the Word: Use social media to share information about MGTM and encourage others to join the movement.


  • Integrate Green Initiatives: Follow the example of the games involved in MGTM by incorporating eco-friendly features and collaborations into your games.
  • Promote Passive Activism: Design games that encourage players to contribute to environmental causes effortlessly.

General Public

  • Stay Informed: Keep up-to-date with climate change issues and support initiatives like PlanetPlay.
  • Advocate for Change: Use your voice to advocate for environmental policies and practices in your community.


David Hasselhoff’s partnership with PlanetPlay’s Make Green Tuesday Moves initiative is a shining example of how innovative collaborations can make a real difference in the fight against climate change. By combining the influential reach of the gaming industry with the passion of environmental activism, we can inspire millions to contribute to a sustainable future. Let’s take Hasselhoff’s call to action seriously: stay cool, stay green, and make a difference.


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