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How to Control Access to Your Documents with

When running a business and not only this, you may need to send files with confidential information. Users select different platforms for sharing and sending. If choosing unprotected programs for such purposes, it can generate certain problems. Generally, unprotected files become vulnerable to cybercriminals and malicious programs.

To protect personal data and documents, it is necessary to control access to documents and choose reliable programs. In today’s technological society, people face different problems. There are some ways to send secure documents that you can choose without fear.

Advantages of SecureDocSharing

It’s easy to send secure documents, with the possibility to get S/MIME certificates, add passwords and choose settings. offers the best features, including two-factor authentication and not only that. 

Using the software, you can restrict viewing access, protect the file with a password for downloading, and request permission to view it. All of these processes can be controlled around the clock.

Sending documents with SecureDocSharing is extremely easy. You need to move the file to the appropriate field for the upload. In the parameters, specify the settings and create a password for access. A link will be ready for the protected file and you can send it to the right people. 

Sending important documents will be much easier with this tool. You can easily share your files in a few clicks and retain full control over them. The main advantages of SecureDocSharing are the following:

  1. Security. The user always gets secure file sharing. Your documents will be accessible to certain recipients. When you send encrypted documents, you can have peace of mind and no doubts.
  2. User-friendly interface. Drag and drop files and send them immediately. The user can activate security features. The tool has a convenient and clear interface, so using it is not difficult. 
  3. Document analytics. With the help of this software, the client receives information about the interaction with the sent documents. 

Trust only proven and reliable programs. In this case, you can be confident in the protection of important information and personal data. 

Password Protection

Before you upload a file to the cloud, send it by email to your colleagues, or create backups, it is important to consider password protection for your documents. This way you can protect the file from hackers and malicious users. Without entering a password, it will be impossible to open and change the file.

To encrypt documents with a password, you need to open the encryption settings menu in the desired file. Before saving the changes, it is necessary to enter the password twice. If you want to protect a file on Windows devices with a password, follow the instructions:

  • click on the file;
  • select “Information”;
  • then “Protect document”;
  • click on “Encrypt with password”;
  • think of a strong password and enter it twice;
  • save the file.

Anyone can accomplish this task. It’s a simple and intuitive process. If you use Office 365, it is possible to send documents via email securely. To use Microsoft 365 encryption, you need to complete the following steps:

  • compose the email and add an attachment;
  • click “Encrypt.”
  • add the “Encrypt only” checkbox and confirm your actions.

The interface constantly shows hints, so it is not difficult to use the program. Everything is displayed on your screen, the main thing is to keep an eye on the information that appears. 

Sending Emails

In this menu, the customer has the option to use the other security features that are available. There is an opportunity to disable redirection or to activate privacy. Many users are looking for the most secure file sharing.  Each method provides advantages and disadvantages. SecureDocSharing is one of the best. 

It is always a good idea to add password protection to your documents before you send them via email. Hackers also don’t miss opportunities to bypass encryption. A software solution like SecureDocSharing is worth using because of the following features:

  • free tool;
  • a business plan with useful integrations;
  • detailed analytics;
  • different settings;
  • simple interface;
  • reliable security.

Adding two-factor authentication to your account is another advantage. It is certainly one of the best benefits. This is not the only way to protect data privacy. Another advantage is the possibility to add passwords. Start work at any convenient time. This way it’s easy to manage your document flow, share your files safely and securely.


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