How Is AI Benefitting The Fashion Industry?

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The term Artificial Intelligence has now become everyone’s favorite. The technology has appealed to various leading fashion brands as it provides the fashion world with new ideas for their marketing campaigns and attracts new customers to purchase clothes from them. According to Precedence Research, the AI level on a global scale reached USD 1.58 billion in 2023 and is predicted to reach USD 49.07 billion by 2033. That makes it a CAGR of 41% from 2023-2033. Besides, several fashion-related brands like Zara, Nike, Dior, and Macy’s are actively using AI to escalate their label in the fashion field. Let’s tell you how. 

According to USMSystems, Zara has embraced the BOPIS pattern, which is Buy Online, Pick-up In-Store, or in other words, it can be said Click and Collect arrangement. This satisfies customers and leaves no stone unturned in giving them a pleasant and seamless shopping experience. Once the clients add their articles to the cart, they can head towards the nearest Zara branch and pick up their clothes from the Customer Service or checkout queue. There will be no waiting for their turn to pay. Everything is done, and you only have to collect your purchase. Zara observed that several customers found the advance ordering more convenient; therefore, they are improving BOPIS to retain their customers. 

Nike is still catching up, as it has used AI to beef up its digital business through applications that provide the benefit of accurate measurements and data analytics to improve customer experience and maximize the supply chain. 

These are examples of a few of many fashion brands. If your company still needs to adopt AI, allow the blog to shed light on how AI benefits the fashion industry. 

AI Becomes The Showstopper 

There were days when brand owners and their teams would think about how to stay ahead of the curve and give tough competition to their rivals in the market. But with the emergence of AI, the tension has gone for good as AI has become the real showstopper. The artist gave an excellent makeover to the different aspects of fashion. Be it retail, production, design, or customer experience, everything has seen a drastic improvement in the following ways:

Product and Design Development 

First, let’s discuss the area of product and design development and how AI has facilitated it:

The Power of AI Designs 

The fashion brands had experts who could predict what would be a hit in the market with their target audience and what would not do well. So, people, AI has taken over the job of doing the honors as the algorithm can analyze vast amounts of data that comprise fashion show data archives, consumer demands, and social media trends to identify the upcoming trends and give a rough idea of what the public will prefer purchasing. AI is a good assistant for designers as they won’t have to assume what designs customers will buy, and the data will help them design a unique collection. Sounds awesome, right? 

Customized Design Tools 

Are you or your team still struggling with physical papers carrying designs? AI has sorted out the designing tools. Now, there is software that has design software embedded in it, where, at the spot, you can experiment with a variety of fabrics, patterns, and colors on virtual models. The ease results in minimal rejections as you won’t require an actual model to test the combinations, and you won’t have to roam around in your office carrying samples to seek approval from the authority. AI has managed it all. 

AI-Generated Design Themes 

You will start counting on what the AI is not capable of doing. AI can generate themes as well. The original design concepts can be shown based on the defined parameters, or you can share inspirational images to create something out of the box. AI will not have any issues and will provide you with jaw-dropping results. Hence, it unlocks the doors for creativity, draws ideas that have never been seen, and challenges the existing design norms. Imagine your brand launching such designs that the customers find irresistible not to buy and leaving your rivals to envy you. 

Retail and Customer Experience 

Customers are what drives the retail industry and if their experience is not hassle-free then the owners for sure can either change their way of selling or shut down their functions. Therefore AI comes to the rescue by giving customers no chance to complain regarding their shopping journey as brands can grant their clients personalized product recommendations, virtual try-ons, handwritten signature products, and chatbots.

Handwritten Signature Product

Earlier, when you sent orders to your customers, they used to struggle to find a pen to mark their credentials as a confirmation signal that the right person received it. However, in many situations, this did not happen, creating panic on both sides. Therefore, fashion brands have invested in handwritten signature generator that help both the customer and the brand. The customer would only have to sign on to the digital template that your brand will design. You get to decide to tailor the font, size, and color of the font to be visible and attractive, too. There will be no more tampering with the signature, misplacing of the document, or losing orders that stand in the case of a physical signature. 

Personalized Product Recommendations 

Do you have the time to look up the history of your customer’s purchases, shopping behavior, and what they usually buy? No right? Why don’t you let AI take over? AI will be delighted to handle these time-consuming tasks as it can analyze vast amounts of data to suggest further products that match their interests. This way, nothing will go wrong, as AI will provide you with data. The personalized shopping pattern never turns off the customer as that shows that the brand cares about them, and satisfied customers translate into more conversions.

Virtual Try-Ons 

This is interesting, and brands can save time maintaining their trying rooms. Virtual try-on is an AI-driven AR feature allowing customers to try out clothes and matching accessories through tablets and smartphones. There would be no need for physical fitting rooms or to wait for your turn to try out the shirt or trousers. All can be done digitally. The relaxation has a minimal return percentage as the AR will tell the customer whether the outfit fits them. Leading to a happy shopping experience. 


Looking at the number of benefits AI provides to the fashion industry, it is evident that AI saves brands from time-consuming and expensive strategies. Therefore, let AI rule your label and see remarkable growth. 

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