How Do You Play GTA V LSPDFR

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Nearly 10 years after its release, GTA V still stands out as one of the most popular games. But if you have done multiple playthroughs over the course of the decade, you may want to add a bit more spice to the game through mods. 

That is where the GTA V LSPD First Response (LSPDFR) mod comes into the picture. By using this mod, you can join the other team and play as a cop instead of a criminal. 

Interested to learn more, here is how to play GTA V cop mod. 


The GTA V LSPDFR mod is a standalone project that is not created by Rockstar Games but by individual fans and players of the game. The mod performs large-scale customization and turns GTA V mechanics over their head for those who want to indulge in a different gameplay than what the original title offers. 

The GTA series and GTA V itself are all about letting you play as a criminal. But after you install GTA V LSPDFR, you can expect your game to be played from the perspective of cops. This means that instead of getting away from the police, you will be chasing perpetrators; in lieu of planning heists, you will be arresting robbers; and in place of fighting cops, you will be taking down criminals.

How to Play GTA V LSPDFR?

It is easy to learn how to play GTA V cop mod. First things first, you need to download the mod from its official website. Afterwards, you can follow the steps outlined below to set up and play it via the RAGE plugin hook that comes with the mod.

Automatic Installation

If you download the LSPDFR executable file (.exe) from the mod’s website, you can perform automatic installation that does not require additional manual steps. 

  • Save the .exe file to your computer. 
  • Open the file. 
  • Choose your language. 
  • Agree to the end-user agreement. 
  • Follow the instructions on the screen.
  • Complete the setup. 
  • Open the configuration program. 
  • Agree to the end-user agreement for RAGE plugin hook.
  • To configure settings automatically, click “Do it for me.”
  • Start your GTA V game. 
  • Locate and open RAGEPluginHook.exe in your game directory. 
  • Verify that the game is showing the RAGE icon on the bottom-right and the loading screen before starting your game.

Manual Installation 

If you choose to perform your installation manually, you are going to receive a .zip file from the LSPDFR website. You will then need to manually put the files within this ZIP folder into your game directory. 

After the files have been installed, the rest of the steps remain the same as defined in the automatic installation process above. 

  • Save the .zip file to your computer. 
  • Extract it to your GTA V game folder. 
  • Check if the files have been successfully extracted to the required folder.
  • Click RAGEPluginHook.exe in your game directory. 
  • Follow the rest of the steps for hook and game configuration as mentioned above.

How to Play GTA V Cop Mod?

In order to play the GTA V cop mod, you simply need to start with the following steps. 

  • Load your saved game. 
  • Locate police stations on your map. 
  • Visit one of the police stations.
  • Walk through the station gates. 
  • In the locker room, select and customize your character.
  • Confirm your selection.
  • Choose your police car. 
  • Continue the game. 

That’s about it! You can now play the GTA V LSPDFR and browse through all the available features of the mod. 

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