How AI Tech is Changing the Movie Industry: The Good and The Bad

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You may not realize it, but some movies and TV shows you have watched have featured effects generated by AI (artificial intelligence.) To further illustrate this concept, according to Television History, 250 billion hours of television are watched by Americans every year. AI is now responsible for so many aspects of movie and television production. Here are some of the ways the industry is being changed by AI technology:

Writing and Story Telling

With AI technology, the film’s producers can suggest the bare bones of a story idea and quickly flesh it out with details. By doing so, the production team can use the extra time to furnish more information or to plan extra special effects. If any glaring problems occur, the speed of AI will allow the team to identify and quickly correct them. Although less personal creativity is needed, human imagination and skill are still required to make crucial decisions about the finished project.

Landscapes and Weather

In the past, movie crews have scrambled to connect their movies with a location that would provide an authentic background for the story. The solutions provided use fewer physical tools and, therefore, waste less energy. With AI, no matter what city or weather conditions your story is ideally set in, the film can feature it through technological mechanisms. Although using AI does incur a high initial cost, there is less need for set production or tear down, as well as an opportunity to speed up production time and save crew costs by needing less production time.

Creation of Special effects

Special effects, including character transformations and natural disaster effects, continue to generate audience appreciation effectively. Despite this, theater attendance has decreased. After COVID showed audiences they could enjoy films at home, recent statistics show around half of cell phone users use their phones as their primary internet source. Since this can include screening movies, it’s a good thing AI creates over-the-top special effects so that they can be appreciated even on viewers’ phones.

Choosing and Recreating Characters

Many of the screening tasks typically associated with choosing the cast of a film or TV series can now be done with AI. If the production company wants specific types of actors, AI can search the Equity database for candidates. In addition, an actor can be run through the audition process with AI, or an extra’s face and voice can artificially be placed on a body double and digitally entered into a scene. Actors can be aged by AI or wounded by an AI program.

Promotion of Movies With AI

Artificial intelligence can now be your publicity director’s best friend. Film and TV promoters can strategically plan where to place their ads by choosing platforms that appeal to their target audience. It’s no accident that our internet searches generate product ads corresponding to those searches. With media marketing, the same methods will use your searches or social media comments to treat you to multiple trailer showings for their production.

Infinite Connectivity Opportunities

As international mobile networks have developed, the “Web” has become a more complex and interconnected network, known as 5G. To clarify, 5G allows all network users to connect all their devices to the international network. 5G allows more devices to connect to the internet automatically and quickly. So, whether we are conscious of it or not, our preferences for today’s films and TV are helping to shape the movies and TV shows of the future.

Artificial intelligence isn’t perfect, and its bypass of the human factor may sadden some. Some people involved in production teams may be simultaneously excited by its capabilities and daunted by its inability to repair its flaws. However, most people agree the advantages offered by AI make it a worthwhile contributor to today’s entertainment industry. The future of AI in entertainment has the potential to be a limitless adventure.

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