How a Book Store Can Benefit From Pop-Ups in the Summer Season

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Every book geek loves coming across the pop-up shop. The summer months are filled with lazy days where you will find the neighborhood book geek perusing through old and new books, looking for a good read. Pop-up shops in the summer can open your business to a whole new audience. Opening a pop-up shop to sell your books in areas where there is plenty of foot traffic will get your business the attention that it deserves.

Getting Started Is Easy

Do you think too much work might be involved in opening a pop-up bookshop? Are you worried about building a structure or shelter to use? It is a simple answer that many small business owners have found work for them. You can purchase a shipping container pop-up shop. According to shipping industry experts, there are about 17 million shipping containers globally, and about 6 million of them are currently in use. That leaves roughly 11 million containers that can be used to create pop-up shops.

Using a shipping container as a pop-up shop is convenient, affordable, and easily transportable. Your shipping container pop-up shop can go anywhere you want to go. Imagine the surprise a local book geek will feel when they see your shop right on the way to the beach. If you go where the customers are, you will increase your sales and make some new loyal followers.

Engage With Your Customers

Pop-up shops feel less formal than brick-and-mortar buildings. People feel more relaxed when they arrive at a pop-up shop. You have a better opportunity to meet and speak with your customers at a pop-up, too; it can provide you with a great stage to meet your customers and get to know them.

There is plenty to talk about. In 2007 alone there were 13 million books about personal development available. The casual environment of a pop-up is a great place to talk about all the books you have to offer. It will be an enjoyable experience for everyone whether people are looking for business-related reads, fiction novels, and more.

Collaborate With Other Business Owners

Pop-up shops are not only great for bookstores they are great for coffee shops. You can collaborate with a coffee shop owner to open a book shop/coffee shop combo. Most people that read enjoy a good cup of coffee while they are reading. You and your new pop-up partner can build a following of the book geek and the coffee geek populations.

There are plenty of ways you can make your book pop-up shop a stand-out meeting place for fun. For example, you can host a kid’s book day. Children as young as three can learn about real-world actions through pretend play. Host a young author club and see what the kids can come up with!

Travel Around and Get To Know Your Area

A brick-and-mortar building is wonderful, but you are stationary and have to wait for people to come to you. With a pop-up shop, you can go and meet the people in your area. You can attend street fairs, neighborhood events, parks near the beach or the park to see different areas of your neighborhood. Bringing your books to the people is not only a great way to increase sales, but it is a great way for you to have someplace new and exciting to visit every day.

If you are ready to take your bookstore to the people, a summertime pop-up shop is a great way to do it. Summertime is the perfect time to experiment with this business model. Get started today; there is a book geek waiting for you to create your very own container pop-up store!!

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