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HOT Must Have Product at the PGA SHOW 2024

HOT Must Have Product at the PGA SHOW 2024

Orlando, FL

The PGA Merchandise Show is an important event for the golf industry, offering a platform for PGA professionals and industry leaders to network and test new products, programs, and ideas. By discovering new innovations, professionals can add value to their facilities and further their careers. This year one company stands out, not so much in the golf attire or equipment, but the long hours spent on a golf course and your phone runs out of juice. Enter UltraBLU a 2-in-1 Sanitizer and Power Storage Bank for your phone and portable devices that uses MagSafe technology. Its been lab tested to kill viruses & bacteria in under 10 seconds while charging your phone faster that what is on the market today.

Nearly 1,000 of golf’s top brands will showcase their newest innovations in equipment, technology, fashion, accessories, training aids and golf-related services to thousands of PGA of America Golf Professionals, golf retailers and influential industry leaders from around the world at the 71st PGA Show in Orlando, Jan. 23-26, 2024.

Show Floor exhibits, which currently exceed the 2023 event, include many of the sport’s most recognizable brands, veteran manufacturers and emerging companies. 

The PGA Show Exhibitor Directory is updated regularly at Check out UltraBLU on the Directory and be prepared to be impressed as much as we were.

As the world’s largest global gathering for the business of golf, the PGA Show is a prime opportunity to source the game’s newest innovations, attend high-level industry presentations, participate in education and career workshops and connect in person with peers and golf industry leaders to drive continued growth of the sport and the business of golf.

Geek insider, geekinsider, geekinsider. Com,, hot must have product at the pga show 2024, entertainment

Featured at the 2024 PGA Show at Orange County Convention Center that runs January 23-26, 2024 in Orlando, Florida. (Photo by UltraBLU)

The PGA Show is organized by the PGA of America and PGA Golf Exhibitions and open exclusively to golf industry professionals.

“We are excited to showcase UltraBLU at the PGA Show as it attracts the largest annual gathering of PGA of America Golf Professionals and is the most significant business event for the global golf community each year,” said CEO & Founder, UltraBLU, Robert Nathanson and Golf enthusiast in San Francisco, CA. “From discovering the latest gear, testing out new clubs, networking with some of the Association’s finest Professionals, to seeing all the new innovations on how to lower ones score, this show put on by the PGA is better equipped to improve the everyday golfer’s journey at all levels and influence the growth of the sport.”

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