Guided Virtual Tours Looks To Make Apartment Hunting Better

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If you’ve ever gone house hunting, you should understand how tedious is take tours. Not only do you have to find potential houses, but you have to take physical tours for all these apartments. Guided Virtual Tours understands this and has solved this problem with virtual reality.

Their startup, which is currently bootstrapped, has introduced a way for you to take these tours without being on-site. Is it through browsing pictures on a static website? No, that’s what makes the difference here.

It is no wonder that many people have praised their idea, calling it revolutionary. Vasilakis, the founder, said, “we knew it would be more efficient, but after Covid, it became a necessity. An apartment still needed to give tours, so this became a higher priority.”

That said, here are some features this virtual reality startup offers and why it’s so beneficial to the apartment industry.

Why Guided Virtual Tours Makes A Difference 

Guided Virtual Tours offers quite a few benefits to various parties in the picture. Here are a few of these benefits.

Easy Access to the Property

Before this beautiful idea came up, house or apartment hunting came with a lot of hassle. Documentation is arguably the most stressful part of getting a house. Luckily, Christopher Vasilakis, the founder of Guided Virtual Tours, has gone through this and has provided a solution. 

He said, “We’re disrupting the idea that you have to visit a property before signing a lease. Everyone is moving toward a mobile-centric offering — you can get food on demand, and now you can tour properties on demand.”

Now, you can visit the property without having to carve significant time out of your schedule.

Its Virtual Software Saves Time

This startup has made way for you to take a virtual tour without being present. This will increase the sales efficiency of several apartments, benefiting both the apartment building owner and the person who wants to rent it. Developers would also benefit from this technology. With virtual tours, builders like The Daniels Corporation would be able to reach a wider audience and stand out from competitors.

However, it doesn’t stop there. With their software, you would be able to advertise to people on a large scale. For instance, people on YouTube could be watching a video, and an ad containing the details of a video tour would pop up on your feed. With their access to over 40 properties across the nation and counting, it is easy to see how this would be possible and valuable for the apartment complex and the the potential renter.

Assistant To Explain Details of A Building

When you want to go on the virtual tour, Guided Virtual tours offer you a voice assistant that can relay all vital information on the building to you. Some of this essential information includes the dimensions of the room, the utilities available, and any other special discounts on the apartment at the moment. 

It can even tell you precious information such as distance to the bus stop. Although it isn’t able to answer any direct questions, it is still a beneficial tool to have.

Fast Access to Other Vital Information 

If you have any other questions regarding the tour, they have customer service and helplines available to attend to you. 

Apartment hunting has become even more challenging due to the pandemic and social distancing. However, Guided Virtual Tours has found a way to combat this problem. The founder said, “Having this is basically like having your best leasing agent giving a tour. You can do it 24/7 around the clock and give thousands of tours a day, and the ‘agent’ never gets sick”.

Virtual Tours Exist But Guided Virtual Tours Thinks it Could Be Better

Sure, virtual tours exist at the present moment, but they could be better. For instance, you could have the ability to navigate around the property as if you were walking through it. The more you can feel as if you are walking through the property, the better it is for you as the customer. The more you can move through the potential home without physically being present, the fewer fuel expenses, time outlay, and other factors you have to be concerned about during the home hunting process.

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