Green Man Gaming 30% Coupon is Solid Alternative to Steam Summer Sale

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While the Steam Summer Sale trucks on, the UK based retailer Green Man Gaming, won’t sit idly by and let them garner all the PC gaming attention (and probably not the cash load of money exchanging hand too). At 7AM Pacific today, GMG launched a new 30% off coupon code GMG30-LY2G6-UKDYY which takes 30% off select digital titles.

A full compilation of qualifying Green Man Gaming Coupon titles is here, but the important thing to know is that most of the qualifying games are recent releases – plus they’re also Steam activated titles (you receive a Steam key after you purchase).

Select deals cheaper than whats currently on Steam Summer Sale:

  • Company of Heroes 2: $42 (normally $59.99). This popular WWII tactical strategy game released June 25th. At $42 it’s at an all time low by $3. Elsewhere you’ll pay $60.
  • Civ V: Brave New World: $21 (normally $29.99) – The latest expansion to the Civ V franchise released only last week Tuesday, July 9th. In an 8 hour “Flash Sale” Steam had the price down to $20.09 (now expired), making this the current best price.
  • Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition: $21 (normally $29.99) – While this title has been out on the consoles since 2011, the PC port is finally released earlier this month.
  • BioShock Infinite Season Pass: $14 (normally $19.99). The base game has been $29.99 in the Steam Summer Sale, but the Steam Summer Sale has thus far ignored this extra DLC content. It’s pretty rare to find BioShock Infinite Season Pass on sale anywhere, and at $14 it ties the all time low price last seen in late May.

While a 20% off coupon is not uncommon at GMG, this 30% off ties the greatest percentage off coupon they’ve ever offered. The last time they’ve released one this high was during the 2012 holiday season Winter Sale back in December.┬áThis new 30% off GMG coupon code ends Friday, July 19th at 8AM Pacific.