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Great Games with Real-Money Rewards

Playing games is great fun, but it’s even better if there is a chance to win some real money. There are several kinds of sites where you can do this, and some prizes are even life-changing. It’s not all about going to online casinos, though.

Instead, settle back in your favorite gaming chair and find out how and where you can play online games for real money.

One such site is Swagbucks, and they have a good selection of games that you can play on your mobile. It’s a bit different from other sites; they reward their members by giving them free gift cards and cash “for the everyday things they already do online.”

That could be answering surveys or playing those games. When you win, you receive what they call SB points. You get a certain number of SB points depending on how much money you spend on their games. There are differing prices, and some are free to play, but you do need to have a funded account. 

With player v player competitions, there is cash to be won, but an entry fee is needed. This is available at a lot of online sites. The thrill of trying to beat other players rather than just spinning some reels is a great experience. That confidence you have in your game-playing abilities can bring about some good wins and prove a few points. Being able to win some real cash is another good reason to have a go at these games.

One of the most popular destinations is, of course, an online casino. An increasing number of people are registering new accounts, and the number of sites is on the rise as well. You can win sizeable amounts of cash – but always remember to gamble responsibly.

Playing slot games can see your life change when the reels stop spinning. Games that have progressive (continually increasing) jackpots can see millions of dollars won by lucky players. More big wins can be had playing games such as roulette, baccarat, and blackjack. If you want to play at US casinos, do some research first to find out more about what they have to offer, their bonuses, and how safe they are.

Bingo may look like a rather simple game, but you can win some big amounts of cash playing it online. Brick-and-mortar bingo halls have been around for decades, but it’s online that there is major growth, particularly in the last year.

More online bingo sites are opening. Some have special themes, but the games are nearly always the same. They are available at any time of day, with games that have small cash prizes and others where big prizes are on the line. 

With slot games also on their site – handy to play between bingo games – the sites are popular with those who want to win some cash online. It is a simple game, but imagine how fast your heart will beat when you are one number away from a big win!

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Knowledge of sport can win you some big cash prizes. Of course, there are all the sportsbooks where you can get wins on the latest NBA or MLS matches. More of these are opening up in the USA as states legalize gambling on sports games.

But what about fantasy sports?

This is another growth area and can be played daily or over a season. It’s fun, too, as you choose which players you think will do well for their teams. Imagine forming a fantasy team for a round of NBA fixtures, and the elation when one of your picks scores again and again. See, you were right all along! There’s always the frustration felt when the player you nearly chose goes and does well.  That groan when a player keeps losing possession or goes pointless is also frustrating. Playing against others is a thrill, though, especially if it is someone that you know, because bragging rights time is just around the corner – and hopefully some real money, too.

Scratchcards aren’t just purchased in shops. You can download apps that have plenty of them to play. You can win real cash here, but you must also plow through plenty of advertisements, so be prepared for them.

Wordsearch games can drive you a bit crazy at times. There are some devilish ones out there that leave you scratching your head trying to find the words you need to complete the puzzle. They are another source of real cash wins, with daily tournaments being held at various sites that you can find online.

So, there you have it. There are many places you can go to enjoy yourself and try to win some real money online. And if casino gaming is not for you, you can see there are plenty of fun alternatives.

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