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GoRigIt’s Kickstarter Campaign Will Unite Your iPhone and GoPro

Avid GoPro carriers are a certain flock. They realize the importance of capturing the moment no matter the difficulties at hand. Through all weather and any terrain, there is no situation too dire to limit the effectiveness and dependability of the GoPro camera; except the fault of the user’s hands. GoRigIt, a company out of West Palm Beach, Florida, has constructed a case that’ll marry your iPhone to your GoPro and use the two as one. You’ll be able to view as you shoot as you take your phone everywhere and anywhere you’d take your trusty camera. They do, however, need your help via Kickstarter to get the ball rolling.

A Case That Provides A GoPro Lifestyle

Before you would have to rely on the app to view videos and pictures after shooting, and at times the end result was not the angle or shot you had hoped for. Of course, there is always the option to purchase the LCD backpack to view as you shoot, but the extra accessory will drain your battery and wallet.

GoRigIt’s patent pending design will not only allow you to use the everyday functions of your iPhone, but unleash the potential with features that’ll compliment your GoPro. Along the “view as you shoot” feature, GoRigIt will allow your phone to fit to most GoPro mounts such as handle bars, boards, or windshields, enable the user to easily transfer files to phone and social media, and even employs itself as a handle to provide better stability.

Another feature of the case provides optimal protection against water, mud, sand, and impact with a clear polycarbonate outers shell and a soft silicone inner lining. IPhone 5 and 5S are the first models for this case, but iPhone 6 and Androids will be included as well. Also, as of now early designs don’t include a headphone jack or charging port primarily for the safety of your phone, though plans are underway to include these additions. When compared to rival protective cases like the Otterbox and Lifeproof, GoRigIt is thicker but shorter and narrow.


Now They Need You

Kickstarter has been a platform for many successful campaigns, from movies like Veronica Mars to books and bands. GoRigIt is now employing Kickstarter to seek your help to fund the final steps.

With your pledges, GoRigIt can invest more in injection molding tooling to build these cases of superior quality. From forth the better tools comes a better product, but these tools can be expensive. The pledges will also fulfil the minimum order qualities required by the manufacturer to cover expenses such as labor and set up. Additionally, another necessary expense includes packaging and shipping. Since the case will not be simply placed in a box and delivered, the packaging will work as a display as well to showcase the product and will need quality means of delivering to the hopeful consumers.

GoRigIt and the entrepreneurial minds behind the scenes are a new team striving to provide the daring, the mobile, the engaging, and the helplessly adventurous populace with the product that best fits their lifestyle. Not only are they providing a case, but an opportunity to preserve the life you live.