Google Launches Hangouts Capture Tool: Taking Screenshots was Never this Simple

Google has just released a new app for its popular video chat service, Google+ Hangouts. The new feature allows users to take screenshots whenever they want with just one click. Hangouts is a popular app that lets users video chat with multiple people just
like a conference call; but sometimes users want to save a memorable
moment during the chat.


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Whether, it’s an epic fail, a funny face or just something unique, users can now capture screenshots of their chat with the latest Hangouts Capture feature.

The new tool is also making its way to Android and iOS as well. So, users will be able to snap pics and shoot videos too. In a recent Google+ post, Jeremy NG had this to say:

The challenge, often times, is capturing your favourite moments as they happen, so today we’re introducing the new Hangouts Capture app. With it you can take pictures of your Hangouts-in-progress, including a number of features not available in the usual screenshot workarounds.

This new feature adds the ability to easily capture a screenshot of the Hangout with just a click, and saves all the images in a shared album that’s only visible to other Hangout participants. Users can then view these images while in the Hangout or by accessing it afterwards in their photo albums.

You’ll always know when the app is in use: when you join a Hangout, when someone opens the app, and whenever a picture is taken.The Hangouts Capture app will soon be available worldwide, so look for it next time you join a Hangout. Together with Effects, YouTube and other apps, we hope you’ll find Hangouts an even better way to make memories together. – Ng

The interface of the new Hangouts Capture app is pretty simple and is similar to the camera app in Android. All users have to do is to open the app and click the button when the moment is right, just like snapping a pic with your camera. The new Capture tool omits the need for any third party apps for taking screenshots during a Hangout – which makes it a great addition to the service.

Although, people who want to take screenshots discreetly will be
disappointed as the app shares all the images with Hangouts participants. However, on the bright side you don’t have to share the pics specifically with each participant manually.

What do you think about the new Capture tool? Have you ever wanted to take a screenshot during a Hangout? Let us know.