Gifts for the Man Who Has Everything

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For many, finding the right gift for the man/men in their life is difficult enough in the best of circumstances. There are those that always say they don’t need/want anything, those that didn’t have any hobbies, and those that you just end up getting a gift card so that they can just get whatever they want. 

And then, there are those that seem like they literally have everything under the sun. From the best shoes to the fanciest lawnmower and everything in-between, it appears to most anyone that he has it all. Or at least, has everything he needs or wants. 

That’s where this list may come in handy – helping you to find something he may not know he needs/wants. We’ve got a few gift ideas that could be perfect for him, no matter what the occasion is.

Charge Him Up

It’s probably safe to say that he has at least a couple of electronic devices. Virtually everyone you know at least has a smartphone and wireless earbuds. When you couple that with having a spouse and maybe a tablet or two floating around the house, that’s a lot of devices.

When it comes to charging them, most all of them come with the appropriate cable but it almost never fails, over time they get lost or just stop working. As far as the USB charger adapters, they seem to have a tendency to grow legs and walk off. Usually when you need one the most.

A Satechi Dock5 Multi-Device Charging Station will give him an easy and classy way to keep those electronics charged. It charges up to five devices at once and compatible with iPhone 13 Pro Max, 2021 iPad Pro M1, AirPods Pro/AirPods 2, Samsung Galaxy Note S20/S20 Ultra.

it’s perfect for the home, office, classroom, or in the waiting room for customers. Best of all, it also has wireless charging capabilities.

Glass Chair Mat

Does he work full-time from home or just has a designated area for his desk and computer? If so, there’s a gift that is virtually guaranteed to be one he doesn’t have, and not only will it last for a long time to come, it’s classy looking and even helps protect his floors.

I’m talking about Glass Office Chair Mats by Vitrazza. Whether he spends all day at the desk or just hits it in spurts, he moves his computer chair around a good bit while he’s there. 

Is he using a traditional plastic mat? If so, they crease and crack and have to be replaced quite often. Carpet can be frustrating and chair castors can scratch bare floors. 

Those things just aren’t a factor with glass mats. The ones from Vitrazza are made with a proprietary combination called Tufver Glass™ and are certifiably tempered for strength and durability. In order to help resist fine scratches, they’re protected with Invisible Shield® Pro 15 Nano Tech coating.

The Glass Office Chair Mats by Vitrazza are made in the USA and are available in 18 different sizes and they even have custom shapes available. These glass mats never need to be replaced but in the off-chance that something does happen and yours, all of Vitrazza’s glass chair mats are covered by lifetime transferable warranties.

Acupressure Mat

If he is the type that works hard but rarely takes the time to “play” or simply relax, you have a couple of great gift opportunities. The most obvious of course is a gift certificate to a local massage therapist. You can also take that a step further and spring for an entire spa day. This is a gift that a lot of men would rarely if ever, buy for themselves but they’re almost certain to enjoy and appreciate it greatly.

However, if you want to give him a gift that helps him relax but you don’t want him to have just a single opportunity, you should consider the mylotusmat. The original acupressure mat, mylotusmat provides deep stimulation and helps release endorphins, which work to naturally reduce aches and tension.

In just 10 minutes, this gift can:

  • Provide pain relief
  • Improve blood flow
  • Release tension throughout the body
  • Reduce numbness

Some men are so picky that it can seem near-impossible to come up with a good gift for them and gift cards are your only visible option. With that being said, any of those three ideas actually have a good chance of not only surprising him but also making him realize he doesn’t actually “have everything.” 

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