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Gen Con and Con*Quest Journals Unite!

by Pamela McMillan

Great news, fellow geeks!


Gen Con and Con*Quest Journals have recently announced that both companies signed a licensing agreement.


What does this mean for you? That means they’ll start producing a Gen Con branded Con*Quest Adventure Journal, tote bag, mini journal, and even tabletop gaming pages.


“We received incredible support from the Gen Con community and attendees last year during our launch. We knew that we wanted to design a special journal for this show and are so thrilled to be working with Gen Con to create licensed merchandise that will enhance each attendee’s experience.” – Shelley Harper, Con*Quest journal partner


What Is Gen Con and Con*Quest Journals?


Gen Con is one of the largest producers of hobby, fantasy, science fiction, and adventure game conventions in North America.

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The Con*Quest Adventure Journal is a US product that frequent con goers like to use to store business cards, photo ops, and record their convention adventures. It can be used as a nifty little scrapbook to record your every awesome memory.


So What Does This Licence Mean?


From now on, the Gen Con Con*Quest Adventure Journal (try saying that five times fast) will have the Gen Con logo on a handcrafted canvas binder and include specific custom designed pages based on feedback from the gaming community. It will have about thirty pages for notes, demos, photos, autographs, plus protective sleeves, a business card page, a zipper pouch, and a sharpie (in case you forgot yours).


To complete the set, there’ll even be a custom long handled tote bag and mini journal.



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