Geeky Logistics: Driving Abroad (Infographic)

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Most of us know that the logistics of driving in a major U.S. city can be an absolute nightmare at times. From the sea of Taxis in Manhattan, to the gridlock traffic during D.C. rush hour, these Armageddon-like traffic situations can really frustrate a geek-on-the-move.

But what about driving abroad? As a geek at heart, running into major traffic issues is not only inconvenient, the lack of consistency and order frustrates me. Driving abroad is already stressful enough without having to deal with dangerous and negligent drivers. Not only can traffic be an issue, but one should also be aware of different traffic laws, insurance issues, and more! So, where is one of the more difficult places abroad to operate a motor vehicle?

Surprisingly enough, Ireland is the country to look out for! The infographic below chronicles exactly how crazy it can be for drivers in Ireland, native or otherwise. From accidents to insurance, and fuel costs to cars as status symbols, Ireland can be a rough country to navigate by car. Check out the infographic below for more information on driving in Ireland.


Geeky Logistics: Driving in Ireland
Geek insider driving abroad