Geeks Holiday Gift Guide: 5 Christmas Gifts for Your Geeky Boyfriend

Are you one of the lucky ones who are blessed with a geeky boyfriend? Good for you! Geek Insider decides to help you out this holiday season: here are some Christmas gift ideas that you can give to your geeky boyfriend – you’ll thank us for this.

Having a boyfriend stereotyped as a geek is no joke, especially during Christmas time. What’s a girl to do?

What are you supposed to give him? Will he appreciate your gift? Or will he be turned off? Look whats cool on this list, savor it and dissect its items as this list can help you in your gift-giving troubles. Here are the top five Christmas gifts for your geeky boyfriend:

#1 Tony Stark Light Up LED Iron Man Shirt ($29.99)


With the latest Iron Man 3 movie being released next year, your Marvel fan lover will surely love this one! Three AAA batteries power the arc reactor for twelve hours – how awesome is that? It’s also machine washable so he gets to wear it regularly. The best part about this one is if it’s nearly losing power, the lights beat on and off, giving the impression that the wearer is about to lose power as well. Talk about a conversation-starter.

#2 USB LED Beverage Cooler ($19.99)


Every man, geek or not, enjoys beverages when they’re cold. What if your lover has a device that can give him a cold drink while he enjoys his daily computer time? Now, with the USB LED beverage cooler, your geeky boyfriend can enjoy a cold drink within his arm’s reach!

A bit of a warning, though, he may spend more time in front of the computer because of this gift, so proceed with caution.

#3 Star Wars Death Star Tea Infuser ($19.99)

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I want this

If your boyfriend is anything like Sheldon from Big Bang Theory, we’re sure he would absolutely freak out over this gift. Seriously, it’s tea and Star Wars! What more can he ask for? It’s also an officially licensed Lucasfilm collectible, if that helps in convincing you to buy it.

Honestly, though, just look at it!

# 4 Self Stirring Mug ($18.99)

Geek insider, geekinsider, geekinsider. Com,, geeks holiday gift guide: 5 christmas gifts for your geeky boyfriend, living

With this nifty mug in hand, you don’t need to stir your boyfriend’s coffee for him. You only need two AAA batteries, a hot beverage mix, water and this mug’s ready to go! The stirring button is located on the handle so you only need to press that one for the action to commence.

Waste of money? It depends. But waste of time? Surely not! It looks cool, too, so props for that. How about cleaning? Just replace the beverage with soap and press the button once again.

#5 Doctor Who Diecast Master’s Pocket Watch ($39.99)

Dr. Whogeek

If your lover boy is a Doctor Who enthusiast, skip the plain boring wristwatch and get this one for him instead. It’s an authentic replica modeled after the TV prop, so your geek of a partner will flip when he sees this one!

He may not be a Time Lord so he can’t use this one for memory storage but he can use this to tell the time, so it’s awesome by standards, too. Go on, ask him to press the button for the nightlight feature – he’d geek out!

Do you think your geeky lover boy will love these? Share your comments with us.