The Geek’s Guide to Staying Fit

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Geeks, and I can proudly admit to being one of them, are traditionally agoraphobic, and therefore avoid wildly social settings. We also are kind of loners, and maybe even a little self-conscious when it comes to our bodies. That being said, we sometimes still like to be healthy and fit, and with New Year’s Resolutions coming up, I’m putting it on my list! I can’t go to the gym. I hate being surrounded by all those big, tough jocks who are in way better shape than me. And then there’s all the men! Whether anyone even pays attention to me or not is beside the point. I just feel more comfortable being by myself, so no one else has to see me struggle, or hear me grunt, or smell me sweat. Maybe you’re a geek who, like me, wants to be in shape but can’t bear the thought of being confined to a public gym.

Geek working out

5. A Game Console

Wii Fit is such a great invention. If you’ve already got the Wii console, you can easily add on the game. It’s only about a hundred bucks, for the software and balance board, and used ones are offered for as low as forty on Amazon. This is perfect for us geeks because not only are we working out, but we are doing what we love – playing a video game at the same time! It’s a pretty sneaky way to tighten muscles because most of the games are actually a lot of fun.

4. Buy Your Own Equipment

If you have room in your house or apartment, buying your own equipment is a great investment. If you want something large (think treadmill or elliptical, pro tip, visit:, it will cost you a little more up front, but the end result will pay you back ten-fold. Especially if you can find a used machine in decent condition (try craigslist). If toning and strength building is your goal, most sporting goods stores sell very cheap dumbbells or other hand and ankle weights, as well as resistance bands and kettle balls.

3. Hit Up The Library

Libraries offer a wide variety of work out videos, free of charge, that you can check out with your library card. For “educational materials,” most libraries allow you to keep the item for three weeks (and if no one has requested it, you can renew for another three weeks!). This is the perfect time frame for a work out rotation. After a while of doing the exact same exercises every day, your body becomes accustomed to them and you are no longer burning the fat or tightening the muscle that you were in the beginning. When this happens, it’s time to spice things up by switching routines or increasing the intensity with the next level.

2. Use Your House

You have a plethora of workout equipment hidden within your own home! You can use your steps for a great butt and leg exercise, as well as raising your heart rate to burn calories. Going at your own pace, you can simply walk up and down the steps for as long as you want, or bump up the intensity by increasing to a faster pace. Use just the bottom step as a stair stepper to focus your workout, or safely go at a higher speed. Your cupboards are full of canned goods, which fit nicely in your hand. These can be used as free weights! You can use free weights to work your arms or in certain exercises, also your abs. Grab a bigger can when you’re ready to add more resistance. Any open space can be used for floor work: push-ups, leg lifts, sit-ups, or planks can easily be done. If the floor isn’t carpeted, grab a towel or thin blanket so you don’t hurt your back. If it’s convenient for you to workout indoors, you can do your cardio sessions with a treadmill.

1. At The Office

If, after a long day of staring at a computer screen for endless hours, all you want to do when you get home is relax and put up your feet (or dive back into your latest game), try working out while you’re sitting at your desk. There are so many very effective exercises that require minimal movement, they are perfect for your cube! Try each exercise for one repetition, then go back and repeat all of them for a full body workout, or just focus on the areas you want to tone. Remember to keep your back straight, and stop if you feel any pain. Go at your own pace!

Thighs: While sitting at your desk with legs bent 90*, slowly lift one off your chair a few inches and hold for ten seconds. Lower and repeat on the other side, totaling ten lifts per leg. Wait a few minutes, then repeat two more times.

Arms: Press your palms together, with your fingers up in steeple mode, in front of you. Raise your elbows so your arms are parallel to the floor. Squeeze your palms together tightly for ten seconds. Relax your squeeze, still holding the position, and repeat for a total of ten squeezes. Wait a few minutes, then repeat two more times.

Abs: While sitting in your chair, reach across your body with your right hand, as if to touch the back of your chair on the left side. Repeat with your left hand; you should be twisting in your middle. Twist back and forth thirty times for one rep. To work the lower muscles, simply squeeze in your stomach, tightening the muscles, and hold for ten seconds. Repeat ten times for one rep.

Calves: Extend your legs out in front of you and hold a few inches off the floor. Point your toes away from your body for five seconds, then flex back to point upward for five seconds. Repeat ten times, without lowering your legs.