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Geeks Anonymous: Facebook Home, Google’s Unsuccessful Charm

Please invite the new Facebook Home, Facebook’s desperate plea to stay relevant and cater to the number of addicted cell phone users and social media addicts. But my bluntness should come as no surprise because Geeks Anonymous is overly judgmental with a broken filter.

The New Facebook Home

Facebook Home is described as the mobile experience that puts your friends at the center of your phone, from the moment you turn on the device until the final seconds before its time for bed, you get to surf Facebook on your home screen. How intrusive is that? Facebook notifications will pop up on the far sides of the screen. Facebook describes the easy notification access as “you’ll never miss a moment,” translation: Repeatedly asking you to re-enter the network once you’ve left. My take on the app may be harsh, but it’s my job to play the Devil’s Advocate. I am a fan of the social network, but the question is, should social sites be this intrusive?

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Facebook Home even incorporates a messenger feature, which allows users to send and receive texts; and Facebook messages from the same screen. They continue to reiterate how easy it will be to transfer from your other phone’s functions to the Facebook Home app.

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Google’s Generous Offer isn’t Charming Enough

These past few weeks were nothing out of the ordinary for Google. The versatile company plans to try their hand in the instant messaging market and their first prospect was WhatsApp. WhatsApp is arguably the most popular instant messaging app on the market, and with 250 million users worldwide, it has garnered more than enough attention from big name companies.

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Google reportedly offered the instant messaging company around $1 billion to take them under their hood. If you aren’t aware of WhatsApp credentials, the founders met at Yahoo in 2011 to receive $8 million in funding from Sequoia Capital, who also backed major companies like Dropbox and YouTube. After this much needed investment, WhatsApp announced that they had cleared the one billion messages per day platform. Although as great as Google may be in their many other ventures, WhatsApp has turned down their offer. Will they regret the decision or was it the right move? Google has taken care of their adopted companies, but who wants to work under the control of a juggernaut brand, take Chad Hurley for example.

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