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Geek Insider’s Guide To Love, Life, But Mainly Zombies

Here at Geek Insider we love Zombies. There is never a conversation to be had that doesn’t include Zombies or Zombie survival. Our extensive Zombie survival guides have grown significantly over the years as Zombies have seemingly evolved. So, to celebrate Zombie Friday, here are some of our favorites along with how to survive if you ever come face to face with them!

The Classic


Ah, the classic Zombie, the slow shuffling, brain hungry, Romero style Zombie. These Zombies were first seen in 1968 in George Romero’s Night of the Living Dead, arising from their graves to satisfy their hunger for those tasty brains. Every Zombie ever, has roots relating to these guys.

These are the Zombies that will emerge first on Z-day so any Zombie survivalist enthusiast worth their salt will know they can easily survive the first few days.

For those who don’t know, the easiest way to survive would be to simply power walk away from them, why waste time killing them when you can put a small fence between the two of you and laugh whilst you skip merrily back to your safe house.

The Lovesick Zombie


Next on our list of Zombies not only want to strip the flesh from your bones, but also to fall in love with you. In the film adaptation of Warm Bodies, Nicholas Hoult plays R, a Zombie who falls in love with a human girl after eating her boyfriend (Romantic right?) This sparks a romantic comedy adventure following the old cliché of Girl meets Boy Zombie. The heart warming love tale eventually cures the infected, thus ending the apocalypse, with rainbows and stuff.

None of us here at Geek Insider would be brave enough to get close enough to hug a Zombie, nevermind fall in love with one! So unless you look like Teresa Palmer, we advise steering clear of trying to cure the Zombie apocalypse that will one day plague our streets!

The Hipster Zombie


When Zack Snyder directed the 2004 remake of Dawn of the Dead, he invented a new kind of Zombie, the Hipster Zombie. For those of you that haven’t yet seen this classic Zombie movie, a group of survivors take shelter from the Zombie apocalypse in a Mall, which for some reason happens to be surrounded by Zombies. A theory explained by one of the characters Kenneth explains that the Zombies could be going to the mall out of “instinct.” So in other words these Zombies are merely waiting to get their straw hats and ironic t-shirts, I bet these Zombies even turned up ten minutes late to the set with aviator glasses and a Starbucks.

Our best advice when trapped in a mall surrounded by hipster Zombies is simply to tell them that Mall has turned extremely mainstream recently, this should be met with grunts and murmurs as the Zombie disperse looking for the next undiscovered brain.

Zombie Strippers

Geek insider, geekinsider, geekinsider. Com,, geek insider's guide to love, life, but mainly zombies, entertainment

A secret government experiment which was testing for a way to make soldiers keep fighting even after they’ve been killed, sounds like nothing can go wrong right? Well when it somehow turns some local strippers into more athletic dancers then it’s not a fight to for survival that takes place, it’s a fight for the customers!

In a strip club run by Robert Englund (Freddy Krueger) the girls must decide whether they want to keep their humanity and lose their customers or vice-versa as apparently the high mortality rates were not enough to put some men off getting a private showing.

Geek Insider tip for combating Stripper Zombies: Don’t go to strip clubs.

Rage Zombies


Finally on our list of Zombies we have the ever popular Rage infested Zombie seen in movies such as 28 Days Later. The virus is spread after environmental activists (ironically) get bitten by chimpanzees infected with a virus only known as ‘Rage.’ The virus slowly spreads through the population via blood and turns a majority of jolly old England into the psychotic, murderous ‘infected’ that can run fast, very fast.

I don’t know about you, but now a-days I can barely run for a train, so running from these speedy murderers sounds like survival of the fittest.

Geek Insider tip: Run.. Sweet Jesus Run!

Did we miss any of your favorites of the list? Do you have any more tips we need to add to our guides? Let us now in the comments below!