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Gardening for Geeks 101: Technology, Techniques, and More!

Gardening is a fun hobby and a great way to spend time in nature. It’s a chance to be disconnected from the world around you while customizing your outdoor space. If you’re beginning your metamorphosis into a “gardening geek”, here are some helpful tips to get you started.

A Productive Way to Decompress

After a long week, you may be tempted to spend your weekend on the couch. While many of us count down the days until the weekend, by the time it arrives, we have a long list of chores to do that makes Saturday and Sunday feel far too short. Rather than spend your time lounging around or procrastinating on chores, consider gardening as a way to relax instead.

The thing is, 53% of people said that gardening made them feel more productive, according to Gardeners’ World Magazine. Therefore, when you use gardening to turn your brain off after a long week, you’ll find simple tasks around the house much easier to complete. Once you’ve planted, watered your plants, and pulled out the weeds, you’ll feel accomplished and motivated.

Start Small

Tempted as you may be to fill your flowerbeds with a vast array of plants and flowers, the best way to start gardening is to think small. One day you’ll have the elaborate garden of your dreams, but first, you need to learn the basics. Start with a small garden, which will be more manageable and less overwhelming, allowing you to understand the fundamentals and build your skills.

Start with easy-to-grow plants. They will require less maintenance, meaning it’s okay if you don’t know exactly what you’re doing. Forgiving plants can put up with a few mistakes, such as tomatoes, lettuce, and certain herbs.

Learn the Individual Needs of Each Plant

Certain species are extremely high-maintenance, and others need specific conditions and spacing to grow. You might want to fill your garden with food crops, which is a good idea, but you need to ensure you have the appropriate environment. Remember, food crops compete with 30,000 species of weeds, 3,000 species of nematodes, and 10,000 species of plant-eating insects.

Study the Basics

Before you go wild and plant every vegetable, fruit, or herb seed available at your local gardening center, take the time to learn the basics. You need a good location to grow your garden. Most plants require sunlight, so pick a spot around your home that receives roughly 6 hours of sun daily. Additionally, you need to know that the soil is draining well and has good fertility. Your local gardening center can help you test the ground if you’re unsure about its quality.

Invest in the Right Tools and Don’t Take Shortcuts

You’ll need some basic tools, such as gardening sheers, gloves, and a watering can. Your plants will need frequent watering, and don’t cut corners by using a pressure washer or even a hose, as they could cause significant damage if they are too powerful. According to the Long Beach Water Department, a pressure washer uses two gallons of water per minute, compared to garden hoses which use 20 gallons. Your pressure washer is a great way to clean your patio, deck, and driveway, but a lot of water at such a high speed is too strong for delicate plants or flowers.

Begin Your Journey into Becoming a Garden Geek Today!

You can be a garden geek at any skill level! Start small and take the time to learn the basics, which will serve you well moving forward. Learn about the plants you’re growing so they have the best chances of flourishing, and use this time to decompress and enhance your productivity.


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