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Friday Surprise: PlayStation 4 In Stock at Best Buy


Its a bit funny but we’re now at a point where whenever PlayStation 4 machines are in stock, they’ll make the news wave simply because the 8th Gen console from Sony is THAT hard to find (even though we’re well past Christmas). We’re not joking, just two days ago GameStop sends out a press-release, letting the masses know that they have some PlayStation 4 in stock at their stores! (Shocker).

While the national-chain gaming store have limited quantities of PS4 available for purchase in their stores, those without a GameStop nearby are out of luck as online ordering is still not available. ¬†Good thing they’re not the only stores carrying one of the more popular 8th Gen machines.

As a Friday surprise of sorts, Best Buy now has PlayStation 4 in stock to purchase on their online website. The offer is available ONLINE ONLY (you can’t do the usual order online, pick-up in store routine). Shipping is free though you’ll of course have to pay sales tax.

The last time we saw these in stock at Best Buy was about a month ago just before Christmas, where Best Buy were offering various configurations of PlayStation 4 Bundles (with DualShock Controllers, Games, etc). Their supplies were enough that stock lasted a day or two, and even though the bundles were a much higher priced item they eventually sold out without trouble.

No estimates yet from Sony when stock level will stabilize and we’ll start seeing the PS4 carried in stores without inventory issues, but word from industry experts claims a timeline of between February or March later this year.